1. S. pneumoniae abx of choice
  2. Is asymptomatic person with positive CXR for TB reportable
  3. is suspected TB reportable
  4. what mimics asthma
    vocal cord dysfunction and upper airway obstruction
  5. what percentage of smokers who try to quit are successful without medicines
  6. most common normal flora of oropharynx
    strep and staph
  7. most common cause of cough in children
    post resp infection
  8. if someone coughs all day but not at night what might this suggest
    psychogenic cough
  9. viral croup prodromal phase
    12-72h ; cold sx and low fever
  10. sx of impaired gas exchange
  11. sx of breathing too much CO2
  12. sx of breathing too much carbon monoxide
    dizziness and fatigue
  13. those most at risk of TB in US
    very young and very old
  14. onset and sx of Legionnaires Dz
    gradual ; malaise and flu sx
  15. another name for S. pneumoniae
  16. Alzheimer drug that produces mucus and cough as SE
    cholinesterase inhibitors such as donepezil (Aricept) and rivastigmine (Exelon)
  17. False negative PPD risk increases with age?
  18. length of abx tx for TB
    6-9 mos
  19. TB drug that is contraindicated in prg
    pyrazinimide b/c not enough evidence for safety
  20. what is Harrisons Groove
    groove in rib cage at level of diaphragm and extending form sternum to axillae
  21. Biots breating
    "irregular pattern of 3-4 breaths followed by period of apnea, usually result of head injury, meningitis, heat stroke"
  22. Cheyne-Stokes breathing
    "similar to Biots, 3-4 breaths followed by period of apnea but is regular ; usually result of CHF, RF, incr ICP or drug overdose"
  23. Kussmaul breating
    incr rate and depth of breathing as in DKA
  24. what percentage of smokers who quit gain wt
  25. Step 1 (mild intermittent) asthma severity
    sx LTE 2x/wk ; nocturnal sx LTE 2x/mo.
  26. Step 2 asthma severity (mild persistent)
    sx GT 2x/wk but LT qd ; nocturnal sx GT 2/mo.
  27. Step 3 (moderate persistent) asthma severity
    daily sx ; nocturnal sx GT 1x/wk
  28. Schamroth sign
    clubbing diamond sign
  29. Hammans sign
    auscultated crunch that coincides with diastole and systeole
  30. ER tx for viral croup
    IV steroids
  31. pneumoconiosis
    black lung
  32. a stomach drug and gout drug that reduce clearance of theophylline
    cimetdidine and allopurinol
  33. lifestyle factor that increases clearance of theophylline
    cigarette smoking
  34. normal RR in children
    6-12mos 58-75 ; 1-2y 30-40 ; 2-4y 23-42 ; 4-6 19-36
  35. what percentage of 1PPD smokers have cough
  36. coccidioidomycosis
    endemic to sw ; flu sx and prod cough; good prognosis without meds usu ; Ampho B med of choice
  37. if somone has cardiac cause of SOB how well do they recover after exercise
    slowly ; much longer than with pulm cause
  38. Dyspnea at rest is probably what cause SOB
  39. most common mode of transmission of common cold
    hand to hand
  40. do pts need perm tracheostomy s/p larngectomy
  41. egophony
    "muffled ""ee"" is nml ; ""aaa"" a sx of consolidation"
  42. bronchophony
    """99-99-99"" nml is muffled and indistinct"
  43. whispered pectoriloquy
    """1-2-3"" normal is faint and muffled"
  44. most common peripharyngeal URI in young children
  45. recurrence of spon pneumothorax after 1st occurrence
  46. Vesicular breath sounds
    insp GT exsp
  47. bronchial breath sounds
    insp LT exsp
  48. bronchovesicular breath sounds
    insp = exsp
  49. triad of epiglottitis
    "dysphagia, drooling, distress"
  50. unexplained nocturnal cough in adult suggests what
  51. most prominent sx of glottic CA
  52. home O2 indicated in COPD with what O2 Sat?
    LT 85%
  53. nml range of PaCO2
  54. nml range of serum pH
  55. nml range of HCO3
  56. nml range of PaO2
  57. explain the ROME acronym for interpreting ABGs
    Respiratory Opposite Metabolic Equal ; CO2 moves opposite direction from pH (incr pH = alkalosis but incr CO2 = acidic) and HCO3 moves in same direction as pH (incr pH - alkalosis but low HCO3 is alkaline)
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