Job's: Definitions

  1. Adversary
  2. Antiquity
    Olden times, ancient history
  3. Banish
    Expel or send away
  4. Closed Meeting
    A meeting that can be attended by only those eligible to attend a meeting
  5. Dais
    Raised platform in a room
  6. Divulge
    Make known
  7. Epoch
    A period of time- a section of the Initiation
  8. Exemplify
    Demonstrate, explain
  9. Fettered
    Hindered, hampered
  10. Fidelity
    Faithfulness, loyalty
  11. Habitation
    Place of abode or residence
  12. Initiation
    Ceremony that makes a person a member of an oranization
  13. Integrity
  14. Inward
    Turn toward center of the room, the Altar or each other
  15. Obligation
    A serious promise or pledge
  16. Open Meeting
    Meeting that can be attended by friends and adults not in a Masonic organization- and example is an Installation
  17. Paraphernalia
    Articles used in Job's Daughters meeting dove, urn, horn of plenty
  18. Piety
    Humble belief
  19. Proficiency
    Special part of the ritualistic work that is known only to members and those who have attended a Job's Daughters meeting
  20. Ritualistic Work
    The part of the meeting that follows the Ritual
  21. Step
    Normal stride used in setting up the room
  22. Unobligated Visitor
    An adult visitor who has never attended a closed meeting or taken the Adult Pledge of Honor
  23. Virtue
    Quality of moral excellence and responsibility
  24. Wretched
  25. Bethel
    Holy Place
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Job's: Definitions
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