IV therapy

  1. Indications to initiate IV therapy
    1. to maintain/restore fluid and electrolytes if patient is hypovolemic, experiencing cardiovascular collapse, has electrolyte imbalance

    2. to administer medicines

    3. to maintain dietary intake
  2. Verbal order
    Reserved for exceptional circumstances, given only by a medical practitioner of that pt. 

    must be sign for at the end of their shift.
  3. Phlebitis
    Inflammation of the vein caused by poor IV injection. Phlebitis is characterised by pain and tenderness along the course of the vein, redness and swelling and warmth can be felt at the insertion site.
  4. Phlebitis scale
    phlebitis scale can be used to rate phlebitis according to the signs and symptoms present and consist of acts to take according to the presenting symptoms.
  5. Documentation of phlebitis
    • Date, shift, and time
    • Location of phlebitis
    • Description of phlebitis
    • Action done
    • any relevant history
  6. Fluid balance chart
    used to ensure fluid input and output is accurately monitored.
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