Social Studies American Revolution

  1. Who fought in the French and Indian war?
    France/Indians vs. Great Britain
  2. What were the people in the French and Indian War fighting over?
    Land disputes (who owned what)?
  3. What was the Albany Plan of Union?
    A plan for the 13 colonies to unite to win the civil war
  4. What were the results of the French and Indian war?
    Britain owed debt, ended up giving back the land after continuously being attacked.
  5. What was the Proclamation of 1763?
    A “line” that prevented colonists from going past the Appalachian mountains
  6. What was the Stamp Act?
    One of the first acts. A tax on all papers. Stamped to make sure it was legal
  7. What was the Tea Act?
    • Low tax on tea
    • Had to buy from East India Tea Company
  8. What was the Boston Tea Party?
    • Protest against tea
    • Tipped over millions of $
    • Sons of Liberty wore Indian costumes
  9. What was the Boston Massacre?
    Killing of 5 people in a town riot in Boston
  10. What were the Intolerable Acts?
    • Punishment for Boston Tea Party
    • Closed port of Boston
    • Drew the line for colonists
  11. What was the Battle at Lexington and Concord?
    • First shots in the Revolutionary War
    • Great Britain invaded
    • Paul Revere yelled “Regulars are Coming!”
  12. What was the Declaration of Independence?
    • Thomas Jefferson wrote it
    • Letter to England
    • "We are not English Colonists. but Americans!"
  13. What was the Battle of Saratoga?
    The turning point in the Revolutionary War
  14. What was a result of the Proclamation of 1763?
    • Colonists ignored
    • Began Colonial and England tension
  15. What was a result of the Stamp Act?
    • protests and boycott
    • Repealed
  16. What was a result of the Tea Act?
    • Boycotted tea
    • Boston Tea Party
    • Repealed
  17. What was a result of the Boston Tea Party?
    Intolerable acts
  18. What was a result of the Boston Massacre?
    • Propaganda against Britain
    • Said that England was "Out for blood"
  19. What was a result of the Intolerable Acts?
    • Declaration of Independence was written.
    • Sparked the flame of War
  20. What was a result of the Battle at Lexington and Concord?
    Revolutionary War
  21. What was a result of the Declaration of Independence?
    • Revolutionary War
    • King wouldn't read it
  22. What was a result of the Battle of Sartoga?
    Americans got foreign help and support
  23. Why did the colonist protest the taxes placed upon them by Parliament?
    “No taxation without representation”
  24. Who was the commander of the Colonial Army? What advantages did the Colonial Army have?
    George Washington. Home territory, motivation.
  25. What were the boundaries of the United States at the end of the American Revolution?
    Mississippi River
  26. What are characteristics of a democracy?
    • -Elected into office
    • -People have say/power
    • -Citizens vote for leaders
  27. When were the Articles of Confederations written?
    During the war about 1776
  28. What are 3 weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?
    • 1. Too weak of a central government
    • 2. States had too much power
    • 3. Army was too weak
  29. What are 2 strengths of the Articles of Confederation?
    • 1. Northwest ordinance
    • 2. Land ordinance
  30. Who helped the colonial army?
    • French, Spanish, etc.
    • Especially the French!
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