orela II

  1. order of operation
    • parentheses
    • exponents
    • multiplication
    • division
    • addition
    • subtraction
  2. distributive property
  3. associative property
  4. communitive property
    a+b=b+a, ab=ba
  5. transitive property
    if a=b and b=c then a=c
  6. equation for a line
    y=mx+b (m=slope rise/run, b= y-intercept)
  7. rainbow?
    various wave lengths in sunlight are bent at different angles as they hit prism surface, separating them into the colors of the rainbow
  8. liquid or gas
    does it have definite volume
  9. phloem cell
    transporting sugar from leaves to rest of tree
  10. xylem
    transport water and minerals in tree
  11. parenchyme
    job is storage in plants
  12. collenchyma
    supports plant
  13. layers of the earth
    • top to bottom
    • crust, mantle, outer core, inner core
  14. lithosphere
    ridged outer layer of earth crust and upper mantle
  15. hydrosphere
    physical geography describes combined mass of water found on under and over surface of a planet
  16. atmosphere
    a layer of gases that surround a material body of sufficient mass
  17. digestive system
    absorb food and breaks it down
  18. respiratory system
    function is to adsorb oxygen into lungs and out put carbon dioxide
  19. cardiovascular system
    distributes blood
  20. lymphatic system
    distributes lymph one-way flow toward heart
  21. circulatory system
    blood cells, gases, hormones, passes nutrients to and from cells to fight diseases and help stabilize to achieve homeostasis, made up of cardiovascular and lymphatic system
  22. endocrine system
    system of glands, each of which secretes a type of hormone into bloodstream to regulate body
  23. water
    expands when it changed from liquid to solid and expands when it freezes (why it weathers bedrock)
  24. scientific understanding...
    based on accumulation and interpretation of evidence is fundamental principle which underlies the practice of science
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