Dit day 8

  1. what malabsorption is present in down syndrome?
    celiac sprue
  2. how long do you treat whipple dz for?
  3. stool osmotic gap of what tells you its secretory diarrhea?a
  4. whats not characteristic of ibs
    • anorexia
    • malnutrition
    • weightloss
  5. rx for diarrhea ibs?
    antidepressants or loperamide
  6. what has string signs?
    crohns disease
  7. difference between ischemic colitis and acute mesenteric ischemia
    acute mesenteric ischemia--small bowel--pain is out of proportion to the examination

    ischemic colitis- large bowel pain is not that severe
  8. ischemic colitis or acute mesenteric ischemia gets heparin, papavorine
    acute mesenteric ischemia
  9. rx for abdominal infections?
    • unasyn
    • augmentin
    • zosyn
    • fq and + metro
  10. presentation of gallstone ileus?
    colicky pain as the stone lodges and dislodges
  11. how do you prevent recurrentvolvulus?
    • sigmoidoplexy
    • resection with primary anastamosis
    • proximal colostomy and stapling of distal segment
  12. dx of ischemic colitis
    acute mesenteric ischemia

  13. mild llq pain thats relieved with defecation
  14. sinus tract in the superior midline gluteal cleft?
    pilonidal disease
  15. which polyps are cancerous?
    • tubular
    • tubulovillous
    • villousn polyps
  16. when do you give chemo for colon ca?
    if lymph nodes have the cancer
  17. surveillance post colon ca?
    • cea every 3 months
    • colonoscopy , 1, 3, 5 years
    • ct of abdomen and pelvis every year
  18. how often do you screen after finding an adenoma?
    3 years
  19. what drugs are given for upper gi bleed inititally?
    iv ppi and somatostatin
  20. when do you do cholecystestomy for cholecystitis due to stones
    2 days after once the cholecystitis has subsided
  21. rx for cholecysitis vs cholangitis
    • cholesystectoymy-- for cholecystitis
    • cholangitis--ercp then cholecystectomy
  22. consequence of post term pregnancy
    • oligohydramnios
    • meconium
  23. ascites has high protein and ldh, next step?
    work up for neoplasm
  24. budd chiari occurs secondary to what?
    hypercoagulability due to factor v leiden
  25. rx for wilsons
    • peniciliamine
    • trientene
    • zinc
  26. inheritance of alpha 1 antitrypsin
  27. in terms of location of damage, what is affected in pbc? psc?
    pbc--- intrahepatic ducts

    psc--intra and extra hepatic ducts
  28. what antibodies might be seen in psc?
  29. rx for crigler-najjar syndrome?
  30. rx for hepatic adenoma
    • d/c ocp or testosterone
    • sx if large
  31. which abx displaces bili from albumin
    • sufla drugs
    • ceftriaxone
  32. meckels diverticulum presentation
    painless rectal bleeding
  33. rx for hemochromatosis

    when do you do iron chelation?

    when phlebotomy fails
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