AQA Chemistry 1 Alkanes and Fuels

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  1. What is a hydrocarbon?
    a compound made of carbon and hydrogen ONLY.
  2. What is the general formula of an alkane?
  3. Alkanes are saturated. What does this mean?
    No double bonds.
  4. Give the molecular formulae for

    a) methane

    b) propane
    a) CH4

    b) C3H8
  5. What is the name of the method used to separate crude oil?
    Fractional distillation.
  6. Name the two compounds made when fuels burn completely in oxygen.
    carbon dioxide

  7. Which gas can be made if a fuel burns incompletely in oxygen?
    carbon monoxide
  8. Which gas causes global warming?
    carbon dioxide.
  9. What causes global dimming?
    particulates (small solid particles of soot and unburned fuel)
  10. Which gas causes Acid Rain?
    Sulfur dioxide
  11. Fuels from oil are non-renewable. What does this mean?
    cannot be replaced - will run out
  12. Name 2 renewable fuels.

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AQA Chemistry 1 Alkanes and Fuels
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