med surg

  1. sign of pressure ulcer
  2. pt cant feed self
    what order of food do you want
  3. pt confused with meds
    involve family set up meds
  4. loss of water intervertebral disk
    shorten height/shrink
  5. tooth loss or dentures
    • is not a normal part of aging
    • poor oral care
  6. decrease melanin
    gray hair
  7. decreased muscular system results in
    slow reflexes/slow muscle response
  8. difficult hearing high pitch tones
    speak softly whisper
  9. pulse over 100
    normal vitals
  10. limited mobility risk for
    • pressure ulcers
    • impaired skin
  11. incontinent pt limiting fluids
    refer to incontinence program
  12. pt has noctiria
    red light
  13. teaching older pt aging effects
    • short term is more effected
    • long term easier to retrieved
  14. survival rate for cpr
  15. cpr begins within
  16. dnr best way to explain
    will not resitate(no cpr), give comfort care still.
  17. IgG
    artificial long term for pathogens. ready made antibodies.
  18. natural passive immunity
    • IgA
    • breast feed
  19. name of cell cytotoxic
    natural killer cell
  20. need a IGg exposure to illness or pathogen(hepatitis)
    gamma globlins/ immunoglobulins(made antibodies)
  21. passive immunity
    • didn't produce them self.
    • Another source.
    • shot
  22. naturally acquired passive immunity
    • mother breast milk
    • baby get from mom
  23. artificially acquired immunity
    • injection of antibodies.
    • hep B
  24. eosinophils increase
  25. pt has HIV testing
    • first test elisha indicates
    • second western blot confers
  26. hypogammaglobulinemia
    defected B cells
  27. who at risk of serum sickness
    • iv penicillin
    • decrease urine
  28. pt has idiopathic autoimmune hemolytic anemia
    • fatigue
    • assist with walking
    • low RBC HCT hgb
    • elevated LDH lactate enzyme
  29. wbc increasing risk of infection phnemonia
    IgA immune cell/can't be replaced.
  30. get stung by bee
  31. how teach pt with allergy
    wear a mask
  32. urticaria anaphylactive reaction (IGe)
    • hives
    • relax and baths
  33. diagnosis hemolytic anemia
    • break down rbc
    • allergy reaction from meds antibody reaction
  34. hashimotos throiditis
    • thyroid gland infected not hormone
    • not TSH
  35. urticaria diffrence angioedema
    angioedema last longer
  36. transplant pt now is depressed
    sit and talk to them
  37. who gets SLE/systemic lupus erythematosus
  38. priority care for aids
    prevent infection
  39. HIV
  40. 3 opportunistic of hiv
    • candida
    • pneumonia-pcp
    • kaposi sarcoma-cancer
  41. nurse treat aids pt
    • wear clean gloves
    • wash hands
  42. transition of aids
    • fluid exchange sex mucus membrane broken skin
    • not sweat or kissing
  43. lab wk for hiv
    CD4+lymphocyte count
  44. have hiv
    500 or less
  45. prevent hiv
    educate ppl
  46. purpose of hiv meds
    inhibit enzyme from repoducing
  47. treatment goal
    keeping virus from replicating
  48. example of hiv drug
    • viramune
    • monitor for rash
  49. prevent hiv with condoms
    pull out erect weinner
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