Male Reproductive Lecture

  1. Gubernaculum testis
    bundle of connective tissue fibers that lock testes in position near anterior abdominal wall as fetus grows
  2. when do testes descend?  why?
    • 7th month of gestation
    • spike of testosterone causes contraction of gubernaculum testis
  3. undescended testis
    what age
    can cause
    • cryptorchidism 
    • One year
    • sterility, increased risk of testicular cancer
    • surgically pull down
  4. what hormone determines male or female?
    • presence of androgens = male
    • absence of androgens = female
  5. what gene on Y chromosome determines male sex?
    SRY gene
  6. Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome
    • lack of receptors for testosterone
    • male genotype with female secondary sex characteristics
    • no menstruation at puberty <-- sign
  7. Raphe
    • raised thickening in scrotal surface, separates testicular chambers
    • prevents tangling, friction
  8. hormone that stimulates release of FSH and LH
    source and target
    • Hypothalamus: Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone
    • --> ant. pituitary
  9. Inhibin
    • inhibits GnRH and FSH
    • slows down production of sperm
  10. mullerian-inhibiting factor (MIF)
    stops males from making fallopian tubes
  11. what do prostaglandins do?
    • stimulate smoother muscle contractions
    • -male and female orgasm
  12. how do sperm move before capacitation?  what could inhibit this?
    • cilia
    • smoking
  13. what is sperm food and where is it made?
    fructose, in seminal gland (seminal vesicle)
  14. bulbourethral gland
    • buffers against acidity of urine
    • lubricates glans penis
  15. prostate fluid
    • slightly acidic
    • contains antibiotic seminalplasmin to keep sperm clean and healthy
  16. other name for root of penis
  17. neurotransmitter that causes vasodilation of penis
    nitric oxid
  18. why can't a man pee with an erection?
    urethra is compressed
  19. what does the prepuce secrete?
    Smegma- waxy material, can support bacteria
  20. what two hormones target nurse cells?
    • FSH and Testosterone
    • promote spermatogenesis
  21. what hormone induces secretion of testosterone and other androgens?  what does it target?
    • Luteinizing hormone
    • target: interstitial cells
  22. functions of testosterone
    • stimulate spermatogenesis
    • CNS function: libido, aggression
    • Stimulates metabolism
    • -protein synthesis
    • -blood cell formation
    • -muscle growth

    Est. male secondary sex characteristics
  23. form of estrogen found in small amounts in males
  24. what can elevated levels of estrogen in males later in life cause?
    Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
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