1. what is federalism
    a political concept in which a group of members are bound together by covenant with a government representative head.
  2. anti trust policy U.S.A.
    the body of laws that prohibits anti competition behavior (monopoly) and unfair business practices intended to encourage competition in the market place
  3. us regions
    • mid-west- central plains, farming bread basket
    • northeast- valleys and rolling hills, industrial, logging,
    • southeast- flat, farming, sun-belt
    • southwest- prairies, farming corn and wheat
  4. buddhism
    ancient india, based on siddhartha called buddha
  5. taoism
    eastern asia tao=path/way, Chinese folk religion, three jewels-compassion, moderation, humility.
  6. confucianism
    Chinese ethical and philosophical system developed from Confucius, east Asia, complex system of moral social political philosophical and quasi religions
  7. hinduism
    predomination and indigenous religious tradition of south asia, sanatana dharma= eternal law
  8. Greece
    writing of renaissance humanists 14/15th century
  9. WWI
    allies (Russia, France, British, Italy) VS. Central powers (Germany, Austria, Turkey etc) 1914-1918
  10. WW II
    Allies (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Mexico, united kingdom, USA) VS. The Axis (Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan etc)
  11. the cold war
    after world war 2 primarily between soviet union and western world, nuclear arms, "space race" NATO
  12. renaissance
    14-17th century bridge between middle ages and modern era, leonardo da vinvi, michelandeo, humanism
  13. Korean War
    1950-1953, military conflict between republic of Korea (U.N.) and democratic people's republic of Korea and people's republic of china and soviet union
  14. Vietnam War
    1955-1975, cold war military conflict, when Saigah fell between communist north Vietnam and south Vietnam (and USA)
  15. US Civil war
    1861-1865, south vs. north over slavery
  16. Persian gulf war
    1990-1991, gulf war, started by UN to expel Iraqi forces from Kuwait
  17. Jane Barnes
    1st English women to visit ft. George
  18. Abigail Scott Duniway
    fraught for women's rights, taught in Oregon schools, traveled Oregon Trail
  19. State of Oregon
    33rd State 1859
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