A&P1-Directional Terms, Sectional Planes

  1. Anterior or Ventral
    • The front surface or belly side
    • ex: navel is on anterior surface of the trunk
  2. Posterior or Dorsal
    • The back surface
    • ex: scapula is posterior to the rib cage
  3. Cranial or Cephalic
    In or toward the head
  4. Caudal
    • In or toward the tail, known as coccyx in humans
    • ex: hips are caudal to the waist
  5. Superior
    • Above; at a higher level
    • ex: cranial border(iliac crest) of the pelvis is superior to the thigh
  6. Proximal
    • Toward an attached base, closer to attachment points
    • ex: thigh proximal to the foot, (thigh closer to pelvis) & moving proximally from the wrist brings you to the elbow
  7. Distal
    • Away from an attached base or attachment point
    • ex: fingers distal to the wrist, moving distally from the elbow brings you to the wrist
  8. Superficial
    • At, near, or relatively close to the body surface
    • ex: skin is superficial to underlying structures and tissues
  9. Deep
    • Farther from the body surface
    • ex: the bone of the thigh is deep to the surrounding skeletal muscles
  10. Medial
    • Toward the body's longitudinal axis, toward the midsagittal plane
    • ex: medial surfaces of thighs may be in contact
  11. Lateral
    • Away from longitudinal axis and midsagittal plane
    • ex: moving laterally from the nose brings you to the cheeks
  12. Transverse section (also horizontal section)
    Separates superior andĀ inferior portions of the body; a cut in this plane is called a cross section
  13. Sagittal section
    Separates right and left portions
  14. Midsagittal section (also median section)
    The plane passes through the midline, dividing the body into equal right and left halves
  15. Parasagittal section
    A cut parallel to the midsagittal plane, separates the body into unequal right and left portions
  16. Frontal section (also coronal section)
    Separates anterior and posterior portions of the body, coronal usually refers to sections passing through the skull
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