Spanish: Likes and dislikes

  1. me gusta
    I like it
  2. te gustan
    you like them
  3. le encanta
    he/she loves it
  4. nos interesa
    we are interested
  5. les molesta
    they are bothered
  6. te fascina
    you love it
  7. le importa
    he/she cares
  8. nos preocupa
    we worry
  9. nos gustan
    we like
  10. no me gusta
    I don't like
  11. no me molesta
    it doesn't bother me
  12. no me importa
    I don't care
  13. no te interesa
    you don't care
  14. no le fascina
    he/she doesn't love it
  15. no me preocupa
    I'm not worried
  16. te molesta
    you're bothered
  17. no nos importa
    it's not important to us
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Spanish: Likes and dislikes
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