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  1. Upper trunk:?
    Lesioned by trauma
  2. Axillary nerve?
    • Lesioned by fracture of surgical
    • neck; dislocation of
    • the humerus; intramuscular
    • injections
  3. Radial Nerve in Sprial Groove?
    Lesioned by midshaft fracture of humerus
  4. Radial nerve
    • (deep branch)?
    • Stretched by subluxation
    • of radius
  5. Recurrent branch of median nerve?
    • Lesioned by
    • superficial
    • laceration
  6. Ulnar nerve?
    • Lesioned by trauma to heel of the hand;
    • fracture of hook of hamate
  7. Median nerve:Wrist?
    • Compressed in carpal tunnel syndrome
    • and by dislocated lunale
  8. Anterior interosseous nerve?
    Compressed in deep forearm
  9. Ulnar at Elbow?
    • Fracture of medial epicondyle or
    • repeat minor trauma
  10. Median Nerve at elbow:
    • compressed by supracondylar fracture of humuerus;
    • Pronator teres syndrome
  11. Radial nerve:Shoulder?
    Crutch/ Sat Night
  12. Lower trunk of
    • brachial plexus?
    • Compressed by cervical rib
    • 1 or by Pancoast tumor of lung;
    • i leads to Klumpke's palsy
  13. C7 root?
    • Compressed by
    • cervical disk les1on
  14. Axillary Deficits and Signs?
    • M:Deltoid-arm
    • abduction at shoulder
    • S: Over deltoid muscle
    • Sign:Atroph ied deltoid
  15. Radial (CS-Tl) Deficits and Signs?
    • m:"BEST extensors"Brachiorad
    • ial is,
    • Extensors of
    • wrist and fingers,
    • Supinator, Triceps
    • s:Posterior arm and
    • dorsal hand and
    • thumb
    • sign: Wrist Drop
  16. Median (CS-CB, Tl) Deficits and Signs?
    • m:Opposition of thumb
    • Lateral fi nger flexion
    • Wrist flexion
    • s:Dorsal and palmar
    • aspects of lateral
    • 3 1/z fingers, thenar
    • em mence
    • sign:Ape hand"; " Pope's
    • blessing" ( hand)
  17. Ulnar (CB, Tl) Deficits and Signs?
    • m:Medial fi nger flexion
    • Wrist flexion
    • s:Medial 1 1/z fi n gers,
    • hypothenar
    • emmence
    • sign:Radial deviation of
    • wrist upon wrist
    • flexion
  18. Musculocutaneous
    • (CS-C7)Deficits and Signs?
    • m:Biceps, brach ialis,
    • coracobrachialis
    • Flexion of arm at
    • elbow
    • s:Lateral forearm
  19. Erb-Duchenne palsy ("walter's tip")?
    • Traction or tear of the upper trunk of the
    • brach ial plexus (C5 and C6 roots); seen i n
    • i n fants following trauma dur i n g del ivery.
    • Findings : l i mb hangs by side (paralysis of
    • abductors), medially rotated (paralysis of lateral
    • rotators), forearm is pronated ( loss of biceps) .
  20. Klumpke's palsy and thoracic outlet syndrome?
    • An embryologic or childbirth defect affecting inferior trunk of brach ial plexus ( C 8 , Tl ) ; a cervical
    • rib can compress subclavian artery and inferior trunk, resulting in thoracic outlet syndrom e :
    • • Atrophy o f t h e thenar a n d hypothenar eminences
    • Atrophy of the interosseous muscles
    • • Sensory deficits on the medial side of the forearm and hand
    • • D isappearance of the rad ial pulse upon movi ng the head toward the ipsilateral side
  21. Ulnar claw?
    • Can be caused by long-standing injur y to ulnar nerve at hook of hamate (e.g., by fal l i n g onto
    • outstretched hand) . D istal ulnar nerve lesion -+ loss of medial lumbrical fu nction -+ inability to
    • extend 4th and 5th digits ( "clawing") when tryi ng to open the hand.
  22. Median claw?
    • Can be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome or dislocated lunate. Distal median nerve lesion (after
    • branch conta i n i n g C 5-C7 branches off to feed forearm flexors) -+ loss of latera l l umbrical
    • function ; 2nd and 3rd digits are clawed upon attempted Finger extension.
  23. "Pope's blessing"?
    • Proximal median nerve lesion causes loss of lateral Finger flexion and thumb opposition . When
    • asked to make fist, 2nd and 3rd digits remain extended and thumb remains unopposed, which
    • looks l ike the hand of benediction or " Pope's blessing."
  24. "Ape hand"?
    • Proximal median nerve lesion- loss of opponens poll icis muscle function -+ unopposable thumb
    • (i nabil ity to abduct thumb) , hence "ape hand."
  25. Klumpke's total claw?
    • Lesion of lower trunk ( C 8 , Tl) of brach ial plexus-+ loss of function of all lumbrica l s ; forearm
    • Long thoracic nerve
    • (C5-C7)
    • Hand muscles
    • Thenar
    • Hypothenar
    • eminence
    • Finger fl exors (fed by part of median nerve with C 5 -C7) and Finger extensors (fed by radial nerve)
    • are unopposed -+ clawing of all digits
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