Echo 530

  1. Define: Cardiac Tamponade
    Elevated INTRApericardial pressure >3mmHg d/t accumulation PE = elevation & equalization intracardiac pressures with progressive limitation of vent dias filling and reduction of SV.
  2. Explain respiratory variation
    Exaggerated decrease / increase in systolic blood pressure with inspiration / expiration
  3. Pulsus Paradoxus
    Exaggerated decrease in systolic blood pressure with inspiration
  4. Define: Beck's Triad
    • increased venous pressure
    • hypotension
    • diminished heart sounds
  5. Kussmauls Sign is:
    paradoxical increase in venous distension & pressure during inspiration (bulging jugular vein)
  6. What 4 clinical findings would you see with cardiac tamponade? HELP
    • 1. Low CO
    • 2. Elevated venous pressures
    • 3. Pulsus Paradoxus
    • 4. Hypotension
  7. M-Mode findings for Constrictive Pericarditis are?
    • Flat diastolic motion of LV inferior wall (square root sign)
    • Both layers of pericardium move together
    • Abrupt posterior motion of vent septum in early diastole (dip)
  8. Name one hemodynamic difference between cardiac tamponade & constrictive pericarditis.
    • Tamponade - holodiastolic collapse
    • Constrictive Pericarditis - mid to late diastolic collapse
  9. Collapse of the RV is more specific for ___________________.
  10. Best way to differentiate constrictive pericarditis to restrictive CMO?
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