Med Terms 4

  1. Urinary System
    Electrolytes Na+ & K+ aid in nerve function

    Secretes RENIN to adjust blood pressure 

    & ERTHROPOIETIN to stimulate red blood production in bone marrow
  2. Urinary Meatus
    Opening from the urethra to the outside of the body
  3. How Kidneys produce Urine
    Blood->Aorta via right & left Renal Arteries->Smaller Arteries->Renin released-> Capillaries-> Glomerulus (ball of capillaries) surrounded by the Bowman capsule + Renal Tubule = Nephron
  4. Nephron
    Urine producing unit in the kidney
  5. Glomerulus
    Capillary cluster in the nephron that starts the process of blood filtration
  6. Renal Pelvis
    Reservoir in the kidney that collects urine
  7. Three steps of Urine Formation
    1. Glomerular Filtration

    2. Tubular Reabsorption

    3. Tubular Secretion
  8. Calyces or Calices
    Small, cup-like regions of the renal pelvis
  9. Cyst/o
    Urinary Bladder
  10. Dips/o
  11. Glycos/o, Glyc/o
    Glucose, sugar
  12. Hydr/o
  13. Glomerul/o
  14. Lith/o
    Stone, calculus
  15. Nephr/o, Ren/o
  16. Pyel/o
    Renal pelvis
  17. Noct/o
  18. Olig/o
    Scanty, few, little
  19. Py/o
  20. Ureter/o
  21. Urethr/o
  22. Ur/o, Urin/o
  23. Vesic/o
    Urinary Bladder
  24. -algia
  25. -cele
    Hernia, swelling
  26. -poietin
    Formation (substance it forms)
  27. -stenosis
    Tightening, structure
  28. -tripsy
    To crush
  29. -uria
    Urine condition
  30. Cystic
    Pertaining to the urinary bladder
  31. Genitourinary (GU)
    Pertaining to the organs of reproduction & urination
  32. Micturition
    Process of releasing urine from the bladder
  33. Nephric
    Pertaining to the kidney
  34. Ureteral
    Pertaining to the ureter
  35. Urethral
    Pertaining to the urethra
  36. Albunminuria
    Albumin present in urine
  37. Bacteriuria
    Bacteria present in urine
  38. Glycosuria
    Sugar present in urine
  39. Hematuria
    Blood present in urine
  40. Proteinuria
    Protein present in urine
  41. Pyuria
    Pus present in urine
  42. Diuresis
    Condition of excreting increased amounts of urine
  43. Dysuria
    Painful urination
  44. Enuresis
    Involuntary discharge of urine
  45. Nocturia
    Nighttime urination
  46. Oliguria
    Scanty urine
  47. Polyuria
    Frequent urination
  48. Stress Urinary Incontinence
    Involuntary discharge of urine during coughing, straining, or sudden movements
  49. Urinary Retention
    Abnormal accumulation of urine in the bladder due to inability to empty the bladder
  50. Cystolith
    Stone in the bladder
  51. Hydronephrosis
    Buildup of urine in the kidneys caused by obstruction of urine flow; usually due to a stone or structure
  52. Hydroureter
    Buildup of urine in the ureters caused by obstruction of urine flow; usually due to a stone or structure
  53. Nephrolithiaisis
    Condition of stones in the kidney
  54. Renal Calculus
    Stone in the kidney
  55. Ureterolith
    Stone in the ureter
  56. End-stage renal disease (ESRD)
    The final phase of chronic kidney disease
  57. Renal Failure
    An acute (ARF) or chronic (CRF) condition in which the kidney fails to excrete urine
  58. Polycystic Kidney Disease
    Hereditary condition usually manifested in adulthood, many cysts occur within & upon the kidneys, resulting in the loss of functional tissue
  59. Renal Cell Carcinoma (hypernephroma)
    Cancerous tumor of the kidney in adulthood
  60. Renal Hypertension
    High blood pressure that results from kidney disease- damages arteries & results in stroke, heart attack, heart failure & renal failure
  61. Risk Factors of Bladder Disorders

    Increasing age


    Smoking, exposure to chemicals

  62. Diabetes Insipidus
    Lack of response of kidneys to ADH- prevents water from being reabsorbed into the blood through the renal tubules


  63. Diabetes Mellitus
    Inadequate secretion of improper utilization of insulin




  64. Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
    Blood test that measures the amount of urea in the blood
  65. Creatinine Clearance Test
    Test done to measure the total amount of creatinine excreted in the urine
  66. Urinalysis (UA)
    • Series of tests done to analyze a sample of urine 
    • Tests included:
    • Color, Appearance, pH, Protein, Glucose, Specific Gravity
  67. Cystography
    Process of making a radiologic recording of the bladder
  68. Intravenous Pyelography (IVP)
    Process of making an x-ray of the urinary tract after injection of a contrast dye into the bloodstream
  69. Cystoscopy
    Examination of the bladder by endoscopy
  70. Nephrography
    Process of making a radiologic recording (x-ray) of the kidney
  71. Nephroscopy
    Examination of the kidney(s) by endoscopy
  72. Nephrosonography
    Process of making a recording of the kidneys using sound waves
  73. CT-Computed Tomography
    X-ray image showing a detailed cross-sectional view of organs & tissues
  74. Cystoplasty
    Repair of the bladder
  75. Cystorrhaphy
    Suturing of the bladder
  76. Pyeloplasty
    Repair of the renal pelvis
  77. Urethroplasty
    Repair of the urethra
  78. Hemodialysis
    Removal of waste products from the blood by pumping the blood through a machine that works as an artificial kidney
  79. Peritoneal Dialysis
    Removal of waste products in the blood or impurities from the body by using the peritoneum of the abdominal cavity as a filter
  80. Cystolithotomy
    Incision into the bladder to remove a stone
  81. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL)
    Breaking up of renal or urethral calculi by focused ultrasound energy
  82. Nephrolithotomy
    Incision into the kidney to remove a stone
  83. Pyelolithotomy
    Incision into the renal pelvis to remove a stone
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