CC Paramedic

  1. What is refractory hypoxemia?
    When there is blood flow to the alveoli, but no gas exchange is taking place. ie ARDS
  2. Name for the intestinal obstruction where one segment of bowel prolapses into another segment?
  3. What is Volvulus?
    Twisting of the bowel in itself.
  4. What is the difference between intussuception and volvulus?
    Intussuception presents with bloody mucus stool.
  5. What is the formula to figure the anion gap?
    (Na + K) - (Cl + HCO3)
  6. What type of shock is a form of toxic shock associated with tampon use?
    Toxic Shock Syndrome, and it is classified as Septic Shock
  7. What is the phlebostatic axis and where is it located?
    The point at which you zero invasive pressure lines such as CVP, Art, Swan-Ganz. It is located in the right atrium.
  8. What is the most appropriate vasopressor for profound hypotension.
    Norepinephrine (Levophed) and should be used if systolic pressure is less then 70mmHg.
  9. What is the preferred medication for the treatment of anaphylactic shock?
    Epi 1:1000
  10. In the case if a beta-blocker overdose, what drug will counteract the effects?
    IV Glucagon, 3-5mg

    Also can be used in the case of anaphylaxis involving beta-blockers.
  11. What is a good indicator of organ perfusion?
    Urine output
  12. Explain SIMV.
    Preset rate and tidal volume. If pt initiates a breath, they will only get what they can pull in on their own. You can use pressure support in this mode, but not assist control.
  13. Which vasopressor, Dopamine or Dobutamine, has less vasoconstriction and tachycardia effects?
  14. What symptoms may occur if you have a bowel obstruction in the large intestine?
  15. S1 is the beginning of ____
  16. S2 is the beginning of _____ .
  17. What does the right coronary artery (RCA) supply?
    R atrium (including the SA node in 50% of population), R ventricle (including the AV node in 90% of population), posterior L ventricle
  18. Which anti-arrhythmic can cause tenitis (ringing in the ears)?
  19. Dose of Ketamine?
    1-2 mg/kg IV

    onset - immediate

    duration - 10-20 minutes

    Helpful in pediatric asthma
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