Biology Regents 6-10-13

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  1. Mitochondrion
    Carries on the process of cell respiration converting glucose to ATP energy the cell can use
  2. Ribosome
    Found on the endoplasmic reticulum and free within the cell

    Responsible for the synthesis of proteins for the cell
  3. Contractile vacuole
    Found in any single celled aquatic organisms

    Pumps out wastes and excess water from the cell
  4. Enzyme
    A type or protein allowed for changes to occur within a cell
  5. Synthesis
    The production of more complex substances by combining two or more simpler substances
  6. Coordination
    The control of the various activities of an organism
  7. Carbohydrates
    Simple sugars
  8. Proteins
    Amino acids
  9. Lipids
    Fatty acids and glycerol
  10. Stomate
    A microscopic hole in a plant leaf which allows gases to enter and leave and water vapor to leave as well.
  11. Guard cells
    Open and close the stomate
  12. Hydrolysis
    Reaction in which large molecules are broken down into smaller molecules
  13. Synthesis
    The combining of simpler molecules to form a more complex molecule
  14. Catalyst
    Inorganic or organic substance which speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction without entering the reaction itself
  15. Binary fission
    Involves an equal division of both the organism cytoplasm and nucleus to form two identical organisms
  16. Budding
    Involves one parent dividing its nucleus equally, but cytoplasm unequally
  17. Interphase, mitosis, and cytokinesis
    The three parts of a cell's cycle
  18. Ecological succession
    Changes in an ecosystem over time
  19. Parasitism
    The parasite benefits at the expense of the host
  20. Mutualism
    Both organisms benefit from the association
  21. Commensalism
    One organism is benefited and the other is unharmed
  22. Monoculture
    Planting one variety of a species over a huge area
  23. Dendrite
    Neuron branch which detects stimuli
  24. Cell body
    Body of the neuron where normal metabolic activities occur
  25. Axon
    Longest branch covered by a myelin sheath
  26. Axon terminals
    Release nerve chemicals called neurotransmitters which stimulate adjacent dendrites on the next neuron or a muscle cell
  27. Myelin sheath
    Provides electrical insulation
  28. Vas deferens
    Tube carrying sperm away from the testes
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