Digestive System

  1. Chemical digestion in the mouth
  2. How does food get pushed through the esophagus?
    A movement that squeezes it down called "peristalsis"
  3. What mechanical role does the stomach play in digestion?
  4. What chemical role does the stomach play in digestion?
    A protease called "pepsin"
  5. What organ produces bile?
    The Liver
  6. This organ concentrates and stores bile.
    The Gall Bladder
  7. This organ makes enzymes for the digestion process in the small intestine.
    The pancreas
  8. What is the role of the epiglottis?

    Where is it located?
    The epiglottis is located in the pharynx and closes to block off the wind pipe route and close off the nasal cavity.
  9. The part of the intestine has no folds or villi.
    The large intestine.
  10. Most enzymatic digestion occurs from this organ?
    The small intestine.
  11. How many organs are involved in water absorption?
    2: the small and large intestine.
  12. This organ stores the faeces.
    The Rectum
  13. Where can amylase be found?
    The mouth and the small intestine.
  14. bile is made from _______ in the ______ (organ)
    The liver uses cholesterol to make bile
  15. this enzyme is activated by a low pH/acidic environment?
    Pepsin: a protease in the stomach
  16. The role of the lover when;
    blood sugar is too low: ____________
    blood sugar is to high:____________
    • low: glucogenesis
    • high: glycogenesis
  17. The largest gland in the body
    The Liver
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Digestive System
Digestive System