AT-102 Chapter 7

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  1. An organization that establishes voluntary test standards to reduce head injuries with minimum safety requirements for helmets and face masks :
    • NOCSAE
    • National Operating Committee on standards for Athletic Equipment
  2. Regulates hockey equipment:
    • HECC
    • Hockey Equipment Certification Council
  3. When one is fitting a football helmet, all must be considered EXCEPT:

    a. The warning label is affixed to the outside of the helmet
    b. The chin strap has four straps instead of two
    c. The helmet has been properly certified
    d. The player's hair is dry
  4. All of the following are concerns when setting the standards for protective equipment EXCEPT:

    a. Material durability
    b. Equipment testing
    c. Requirement for wear
    d. The color, look, style
  5. Which material is resilient, nonabsorbent, and rebounds to its original shape quickly:

    a. Felt
    b. Open cell foam
    c. Closed cell foam
    d. Lambs wool
  6. If a face mask does not fit on the helmet properly, drills holes in the helmet to attach the face mask.

    falseDal false
  7. The proper selection and fit of sports equipment has little to do with preventing sports injuries.

  8. What common injury listed below would be treated by constructing a protective pad?

    a. Knee collateral ligament sprain
    b. Hamstring strain
    c. Lateral ankle sprain
    d. Quadriceps contusion
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