1. define: celestial object
    all objects that exist in space, or outside the earth’s atmosphere
  2. Stars are collections of (blank) that emit (blank)
    Stars are collections of (gas) that emit (lots of energy)
  3. Stars are luminous. They (blank).
    Stars are luminous. They (make their own light)
  4. Planets are different from stars because:
    Not luminous, reflect light from stars, round celestial objects that orbit around stars
  5. Inner Planets are also known as (blank) and the planets are:
    • (Terrestrial Planets)
    • Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
  6. Outer Planets are also known as (blank) and the planets are:
    • (Gas Giants)
    • Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
  7. 3 criteria that make a planet:
    • 1. orbit around a star
    • 2. stable sphere shape due to own gravity
    • 3.Largest object in orbit
  8. What are satellites?
    travel around planets (can be dwarf) in closed path (also known as moons)
  9. What is the "Habitable Zone"?
    can house water (not too hot/cold)
  10. 5 types of galaxies:
    • 1. Elliptical (older stars, little gas/dust)
    • 2. Spiral (older stars in the middle, spiral arms have new stars/gas)
    • 3. Barred Spiral (bar pattern instead of circle in middle)
    • 4. Lenticular (bar pattern without arms)
    • 5. Irregular (no defined shape)
  11. what galaxy do we live in?
    Milky Way (barred spiral)
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