Larson Unit 3

  1. a building owned by a corporation which in turn leases space to stockholder-members
  2. the document that is recoreded to create a condominium
  3. the document granting the right to occupy a cooperative unit
    proprietary lease
  4. interval ownership of a condominium unit for intermittent time periods
  5. the right of a property owner to sell, pledge or transfer land
    disposition (dispose of)
  6. the right to control entry onto ones land
  7. a legal interest or right in land that allows or will allow possession
  8. the estate that features absolute and complete ownership
    fee simple absolute
  9. ownership that lasts for the life of someone
    life estate
  10. a leasehold estate with a specific termination date
    estate for years
  11. a leasehold estate with no fixed termination date
    estate at will
  12. an estate created when a  tenant holds over without written consent
    estate at sufferance
  13. privately created limitations on land use
    deed restrictions
  14. the right  to use the lands of another for a specific purpose
  15. an easement to the grantee of a landlocked property across the grantors property
    easement by necessity
  16. a claim on land to secure payment of a debt
  17. the lien that has priority over all other claims
    property tax lien
  18. the lien held by a contractor or whomever improves a property
    construction lien
  19. a voluntary pledge of lands to secure payment of a debt
  20. a court ordered claim against an individual and the individuals property
  21. the unauthorized possession of the land belonging to another
  22. a revocable agreement granting the privileage to use property
  23. ownership by one individual
    estate in severalty
  24. a form of co-ownership without the right of survivorship
    tenancy in common
  25. a form of co-ownership, not reserved for marriedd couples, that includes the right of survivorship
    joint tenancy
  26. the form of co-ownership reserved exclusively to married couples
    tenancy by the entireties
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Larson Unit 3
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