1. Matter
    Anything w/ mass and volume
  2. Mass
    The amount of matter in an object. Measured in grams.
  3. Volume
    The amount of space the object takes up.
  4. Chemical change
    Chemical bonds are formed/broken at a molecular level. It produces at least one new substance.
  5. Physical change
    A change in appearance but no chemical bonds are formed or broken and no new new substance is formed.
  6. Particle model of matter
    • 1. All matter is made up of tiny particles.
    • 2. There are spaces between particles. The amount of space differs between states of matter.
    • 3. The particles that make up matter are always moving.
    • 4. The particles are attracted to one another.
  7. Kinetic Molecular Theory
    • 1. All matter is made up of very small particles.
    • 2. There is empty space between particles.
    • 3. Particles are constantly moving.
    • (a) particles of a solid can only vibrate
    • (b) particles of a liquid can slide past each other
    • (c) particles of a gas can bounce around
    • 4. Energy makes particles move.
  8. What is a quantitative property?
    A property that can be scientifically measured.
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