1. Causes of the industrial revolution
    new inventions of farm machinery and an increase in population
  2. Example of how the Industrial Revolution affected society
    the standard of living increased
  3. Causes of political revoltuions
    the ideas of and values of the enlightenment
  4. Effect of the french revolution
    began revolutions in Europe and around the world
  5. Groups most likely to start a revolution
    students and lower class
  6. Common/typical result of a successful politocal revolutinon
    a different type of government
  7. The revolutions in America and Latin America differ from the revoltuions occuring in Europe because
    American Latin America nations were trying to gain independence from foreign powers

    European nations were trying to gain independence from their own government
  8. What are the negative effects of Imperalism on country that is being colonized
    • resources being taken
    • unequal trade treaties were created
    • loss of culture
  9. These are social reforms meant to help the working and middle classes
    • womens suffrage
    • factory acts that limited child labor
    • unions were made legal in many countries
  10. description of socialism
    • increased government involvemnet in peoples lives and the economy
    • main goal is to keep prices low for all people and to provide employment for many
    • government runs key industries
    • makes economic decisions
  11. describe communism
    • governments runs everything
    • only one political party, the communist party, runs the government
    • all people are able to work are assigned jobs
    • little to no economic freedom
  12. This is why popultion grew duing the industrial revolution
    • medical advances
    • improvements in global transportation
    • improved food prodution
  13. these were the goals of the labor unions
    • banning child labor
    • increasing wages
    • worker safety
  14. this was a result of imperalism
    european powers increased their sphere of reference
  15. these are examples of imperalism
    • europeans claimed terriorties in East Asia
    • Christian missionaries spread religious beliefs in Africa
    • the berlin conference divides up Africa without any African representatives
  16. These are the motives that encourage imperalism
    • finding new markets for exporting goods
    • spreading chrisitianity
    • gaining new territories
  17. describe capitalism
    • an economic system characterized by private ownership of businesses and marketplace competition
    • political system is democracy with leaders elected by the people
    • supply and demand
  18. primary causes of WWI
    • treaty of versailles
    • world-wide depression
    • rise of totalitarian regimes
    • isolation of major powers
  19. characterisitcs in WWI
    • artillery
    • trenchwarfare
    • new technology
    • zimmerman telegram
  20. New military techonology during WWI
    • long-range weapons
    • machine guns
    • gas warfare
    • tanks
    • airplanes
    • zeppelins
  21. Support for totalitarian leaders increased because
    people were in need of power (helpless)
  22. Result of the rise of tolitarian states
    individual rights are not viewed as importnat as the needs of the nation
  23. WWII new military techonology
    • fighter planes
    • nuclear bombs
    • parachuters
    • radar sonar
    • zyklon B
  24. Effect of WWII
    • many jews died
    • new method of fighting
    • atomic bomb was invented
    • germany split into 3
    • berlin split into 2
  25. cause of the cold war
    • tensions
    • different goals
  26. chacterisitcs of cold war
    • a conflict between the U.S and the soviet Union from 1945 until 1991
    • neither nation directly confronts each other on the battlefield
    • formation of NATO V. Warsaw pact
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