1. 1st Amendment
    • Guarantees free speech, free press and assembly.
    • Power to petition Gov't to redress grievances.
  2. 2nd Amendment
    Right to bear arms.
  3. 3rd Amendment
    Troops shall not be quartered in homes without owners consent.
  4. 4th Amendment
    • Mapp v. Ohio
    • Guarantees right to privacy
    • Sets Standards for search and seizure
  5. 5th Amendment
    • Miranda v. Arizona
    • Guarantees right against self incrimination
    • Right to due process
    • Compensation for public taking of private property
    • Allows def. to remain silent
  6. 6th Amendment
    • Due process federal
    • Right to speedy trial, right to counsel and right to face your accuser
    • Right of cross examination and hearsay rule
  7. 7th Amendment
    • Guarantees the right to a jury trial
    • Established the prohibition of "double jeopardy"
  8. 8th Amendment
    Guarantees right to bail and excludes cruel and unusual punishment
  9. 14th Amendment
    due process state and equal protection
  10. Probable Cause
    more evidence that a crime occurred than it not happening at all
  11. Arrest
    • Taking a person into custody by lawful authority
    • Commonwealth v. Duncan
  12. Terry Frisk
    • Reasonable suspicion that criminal activity is afoot
    • Reasonable suspicion that the person is armed and dangerous
    • Pat down for weapons only so that you make conduct your investigation safely
  13. Powers to search and seizure come from?
    • Case law 
    • U.S Constitution Amendment 4 
    • PA Constitution Article 1 Section 8 
    • Criminal Procedure
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