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  1. transition to parenthood
    a dynamic developmental process that begins with the knowledge of pregnancy & continues throughtout the postpartum period as the couple takes on their new or expanded roles of mother & father.
  2. taking-in phase
    "a period of depnedent behaviors, occurs during the first 24 - 48 hrs after birth."
  3. behaviors of taking-in phase
    the woman focused on her personal comfort & physical changes; the woman relives & speaks of the birth experience; the woman adjusts to psychological changes; the woman is dependant on others for her & her infant's immediate needs; the woman has a decreased ability to make decisions; the woman concentrates on personal physical healing
  4. taking-hold phase
    "the movement between dependant & independent behaviors, following the taking-in phase & can last up to weeks"
  5. behaviors of taking-hold phase
    focus moves from self to infant; the woman begins to be independent; the woman has increased ability to make decisions; the woman has interest in newborn's cues & needs; the woman gives up pregnancy role & initiates taking on the maternal role; eager to learn (excellent time to initiate postpartum teaching); begins to like the role of mother; the woman may have feelings of inadequacy & being overwhelmed; the woman needs verbal reassurance that she is meeting her newborn's needs; may show sign of baby blues & fatigue; the woman begins to let more of the outside world in
  6. letting-go phase
    the movement from independence to the new role of mother is fluid & interchangeable with the taking-hold phase
  7. behaviors of letting-go phase
    "greving & letting go of old relationship behaviors in favor of new ones; incorporating the newborn into her life whereby the baby becomes a separate entity from her; accepting the newborn as he or she really is; giving up the fabtasy of what it would/could have been; independence returning (may go na\\back to school or work); may have feelings of greif, guilt, or anxiety; reconnection/growth in relationship with partner"
  8. bonding
    the emotional feelings that begin during pregnancy or shortly after birth between the parent & the newborn. Bonding is unidirectional from parent to newborn.
  9. attachment
    an emotional connection that forms between infant & his or her parents. It is bidirectional from parent to infant & infant to parent.
  10. maternal touch
    "a process that new mothers transition through beginning with the first physical contact with their newborn, three stages."
  11. 3 stages of maternal touch
    "initial stage, second stage, & final stage"
  12. initial stage of maternal touch
    the woman touches her newborn tentatively with finger tips
  13. second stage of maternal touch
    "the woman, as she becomes more comfortable with herself as a mother, uses her hand to stroke her newborn's head or body"
  14. final stage of maternal touch
    the mother holds her newborn in her arms & brings her newborn close to her body
  15. en face
    a position in which the mother & newborn are face-to-face with eye contact
  16. engrossment
    an intense preoccupation about & interest in their newborn
  17. entrainment
    a phenomenon in which the newborn & infant moves his or her arms & legs in rhythm with speech patterns of an adult
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