BDCS 3 (metal)

  1. smelting
    extracting a metral from its ore
  2. ferrous metal
    • containing substantial proportion of iron
    • stainless steel
    • galvanized iron
  3. non-ferrous metal
    • aluminum
    • copper
    • zinc
  4. galvanic activity metal list
    • 1. aluminum
    • 2. zinc
    • 3. iron and steel
    • 4. stainless steel
    • 5. tin
    • 6. lead
    • 7. brass
    • 8. copper
    • 9. bronze
    • 10. gold
    • *metals far apart should not be placed in contact
  5. wrough iron
    • almost pure iron with a very low carbon content
    • used for tension members, such as chains, crane hooks, and anchors
  6. cast iron
    • resmelting pig iron with steel scrap
    • relatively high carbon content (2% or more)
    • variety of types: white cast iron, gray cast iron, malleable iron, etc.
  7. three principles of making steel
    • -open hearth process
    • -basic oxygen process
    • -electric furnace process
  8. structural steel
    steel used for structural purposes contain varying amounts of carbon and other elements
  9. alloy steel
    • steel containing other elements that are added to provide speical properties
    • for example: stainless steel containing chromium andĀ nickel, is strong, hard and corrosion-resistantĀ 
  10. weathering steel
    • steel containing up to one half of a 1% copper, which develops a tightly-adherent oxide coating when exposed to the weather
    • requires no finish
  11. brass
    • common alloy of copper and zinc
    • used for precise castings, finsih hardware, plumbing, heating and air-conditioning components and fittings
  12. bronzes
    alloys of copper and time, with small amounts of other metals
  13. lead
    • heavy, soft, toxic metal of low strength
    • easily worked, corrosion-resistant and relatively impenetrable to radiation
    • used in rough hardware items, for roofing and flashing
    • lead is rarely used these days for plumbing because of danger to lead poisoning
  14. zinc
    • relatively low-strength corrosion-resistant metal
    • used for roof covering and flashing and for protective coatings on steel, such as galvanizing
  15. anodizing
    • metal finish applied to aliuminum, which begins by inserting the material into an electrolyte
    • when an electric current is applied, a coating is formed on the aluminum surface in a wide choice of hues
  16. galvanizing
    • most popular method of protecting iron and steel against corrosion
    • a coating of zinc is applied by immersing the steel in a bath of molten zinc
    • low cost
  17. structural
    structural steel, reinforcing bars and mesh for concrete and wire rope
  18. hollow metalwork
    doors, bucks, partitions, panels, windows, mullions, curtain walls, and panel systems that incorporate other materials such as glass, stone, plastic and so on
  19. misc metalwork
    stairs, railings, fencing, gratings, rough hardware, ladders, and so forth
  20. ornamental metalwork
    plaques, letters, finish hardware, railings, screens, grilles, expansion joint covers, etc
  21. flashing
    base and cap flashing, gutters and leaders, spandrel and through-wall flashing, copings, termite shields, etc.
  22. misc metal
    rough hardware, nuts and bolts, rivets, screws, nails, washers, inserts, hangers, anchors, wire and so forth
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