*Uniform & Appearance (AR 670-1)

  1. What Army Regulation covers the wear and appearance of the military uniform?
    AR 670-1
  2. Why is the flag worn on the right shoulder of the uniform?
    The flag is worn on the right shoulder to give the effect of the flag flying in the breeze as the wearer moves foward
  3. Why are all Soldiers in the U.S. Army now authorized to wear the Reverse-Side Full-Color U.S. Flag Cloth Replica upon gaining permission from their commander?
    to help the army's morale and show support
  4. What AR covers the issue and sale of personal clothing?
    AR 700-84
  5. When is the only time that commercially designed protective headgear is authorized for wear with uniform?
    When operating motorcycles, bicycles or like vehicles but once the travel is complete protective headgear must be removed and army headgear donned
  6. When must Identification Tags be worn?
    When directed by the commander, engaged in field training, in an aircraft, or OCONUS
  7. What does "ECWCS" stand for?
    Extended Cold Weather Clothing System
  8. What are the ranks that shoulder boards come in?
    Corporal through SGM of the Army and also the Officer Ranks.
  9. What is a CVC uniform?
    Combat Vehicle Crewman's Uniform (Tanker's Uniform)
  10. Exposed pens in pockets are allowed on which uniforms?
    • Hospital duty Uniforms
    • Food Service Uniforms
    • Flight uniforms
    • CVC Uniforms
  11. How is the beret properly worn?
    Headband straight across the forehead with flah above right eye
  12. Who is authorized to wear insignia of branch on the Patrol cap?
  13. When is the wear of Army uniforms prohibited?
    *When in off duty employment

    *When participating in public speeches, interviews, picket lines, marches, rallies, or public demonstrations, except as authorized by competent authority.

    *When attending any meeting or event that is a function of, or is sponsored by, an extremist organization.

    *When wearing the uniform would bring discredit upon the Army.

    *When specifically prohibited by Army regulations.
  14. Soldiers will wear headgear with the Army uniform except under which circumstances?
    *in a military vehicle,personal vehicle, or commercial vehicle

    *while indoors unless caring a weapon

    *when at a social event after retreat when in class A's or dress blues
  15. How will service ribbons be worn on the male Class A uniform?
    The ribbons centered 1⁄8 inch above the left breast pocket.
  16. Where are unit awards worn on the male Class A uniform?
    1/8 above the right breast pocket flag
  17. What are the dimensions of the dress uniform nameplate?
    1 x 3 x1/16 of an inch
  18. How are marksmanship badges worn on the male Class A uniform?
    Marksmanship badges are worn on the upper portion of the left breast pocket flap, or on the lower portion of the pocket flap, if special skill badges are worn.
  19. Which direction does the belt tab on the army belt extend to on the male Class A uniform?
    The wearers left
  20. How many marksmanship badges are authorized for wear at one time on the Class A Uniform?
    No more than 3
  21. What is the maximum number of clasps that can be attached to each marksmanship badge?
    No more than 3
  22. How are service ribbons worn on the male Class A uniform?
    The ribbons centered 1⁄8 inch above the left breast pocket.
  23. How is the Regimental Distinctive Insignia (RDI) worn on the male Class A Uniform?
    The RDI centered 1⁄8 inch above the top of the pocket flap, or 1⁄4 inch above any unit awards or foreign badges that are worn.
  24. How is the branch insignia worn on the male Enlisted Class A uniform?
    Centered on the left collar with the bottom approximately 1 inch above the notch parallel to the lapel.
  25. How is the U.S. insignia disk worn on the male Class A uniform?
    1 inch above the notch, centered in the right collar
  26. How are service stripes placed on the Class A uniform?
    outside bottom half of the left sleeve at a 45 degree angle
  27. One service stripe represents how many years?
  28. What is the most noticeable difference between the Army Blue Service Uniform trousers worn by Soldiers in the ranks of PVT through SPC and those worn by NCOs in the ranks of CPL through SMA?
    CPL through SMA have a gold stripe on the trousers
  29. As a "rite of passage" when a Soldier progresses in rank and enters the NCO Corps, what is added to the Army Blue Service Uniform?
    The trousers will have a gold stripe added
  30. Which items are considered part of the ACU ensemble and also authorized for wear with the BDU?
    • Rigger BeltMoisture
    • Wicking T-Shirt (tan)
    • Green socks
    • Army Combat Boots – Hot weather and Temperate weather (tan)
  31. What is the estimated lifetime of the new ACU?
    6 months
  32. Explain the new digitized pattern.
    is designed to work in the three primary combat environments. Woodland, desert, and urban
  33. How is the Name tape / U.S. Army tape worn on the ACU?
    Immediately above and parallel with the slanted chest pocket flaps
  34. Branch insignia will not be worn with the ACU with one exception. Who is allowed to wear branch insignia and how is it worn?
    U.S. Army Chaplaincy religious denomination insignia may be worn 1/8 inch above and centered on the name tape.  The insignia will be pin on only.
  35. How will the U.S. Flag insignia be worn on the ACU?
    the right shoulder pocket flap
  36. How many skill tabs can be worn on the ACU?
    No more than 3
  37. How are skill tabs worn on the ACU?
    centered on the left shoulder pocket flap
  38. Can a Soldier wear the Black All weather coat as a raincoat with the ACU
    Yes, but only in a Garrison environment.
  39. How is the ACU patrol cap worn with the ACU?
    straight on the head parallel to the ground
  40. What type of rank is authorized to be worn on the ACU patrol cap?
    Sewn or Pin on rank.
  41. When the ACU trouser leg is bloused, what is the maximum distance that it may extend down the boot?
    3rd eyelet
  42. What are the components of the IPFU?
    • Jacket, running, gray and black.
    • Pants, running, black.Trunks, running, black, moisture-wicking.
    • T-shirt, gray, short sleeve, moisture-wicking.
    • T-shirt, gray, long sleeve, moisture-wicking.
    • Cap, knit, black or Cap, Synthetic, Microfleece, Green
  43. When authorized by the Commander, may the IPFU be worn on and off post and on and off duty?
    Yes,Soldiers may wear all or part of the IPFU with civilian attire off the installation, when authorized by the commander.
  44. What is the only insignia authorized for wear on the IPFU according to AR 670-1?
    The Physical Fitness Badge
  45. How is the Physical Fitness Badge properly placed on the IPFU?
    upper left front side of the shirt and centered 1/2 above the word army on the jacket.
  46. Are Soldiers authorized to wear commercially purchased gray or black spandex shorts under the IPFU trunks?
    Yes, but they must stop before the knee and have no logos
  47. Who are the only Soldiers authorized to wear the IPFU shirt outside of the trunks?
    Pregnant Soldiers
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