1. at what age should cildren be able to remember, recite in reverse 6 nums
    12 yo
  2. piaget preoperational stage
    2-7yo ; canit understand that same amt in diff containers is same amt ; egocentric, unabe to see other's pt of view
  3. piaget sensorimotor  stage
    birth - 24 mos ; no obj permanence
  4. piaget formal operations
    12-18 yo ; abstract thought
  5. piaget  concrete operations
    7-11 yo ; rules are important ; have idea of conservation
  6. language at 24-30 mos
    2-3 word sentences ; use words more than gestures
  7. when are adult fine motor skills achieved
    12 yo
  8. actions can be reversed at piaget stage
    early in concrete operations 6-7
  9. what is marasmus
    calorie deficiency in young children
  10. afiliating with age group is a task of what stage of adulthood
    later adulthood
  11. 1st teeth erupt at what age
    5-11 mos
  12. what are first teeth to erupt
    lower central incisors
  13. how do 6 yo's view friends
    someone who likes them and they can enjoy activities with
  14. childhood Erickson stages
    0-15 mos Trust v mistrust ; 1-3 yo Autonomy v shame and doubt ; 3-5 Initiative v guilt ; 6-12 Industry v inferiority
  15. when can a baby usu sit with support ; without support
    at 4 mos with suppt ; at 6 mos without suppt
  16. when do most people achieve max height
  17. after what age do most people start losing height, 1-2 in total
    after 55
  18. what percentage of children with ADHD will still have condition in adulthood
  19. immune system change with aging
    incr in auto antibodies
  20. most young women achieve full breast development at what age
  21. at what age do children start to enjoy playing with other children
    3 yo
  22. HEADSS ado screening tool ; what does acronym stand for
    home, educ (school), alcoohol, drugs, sexual activity, suicide
  23. when can most children string beads
    5 yo
  24. when can most children copy a circle
    3 yo
  25. when can most children copy a square and cut a straight line with scissors
    4 yo
  26. at what age can most children hop on 1 foot
    4 yo
  27. stuttering is normal at what ages
    2-4 yo
  28. Tanner II girls
    -- breast buds elevaton of breast an areola into small mound
  29. Tanner III girls
    enlargement of breast and areola with no separation
  30. Tanner 4 girls
    projection of areola and papilla from breast
  31. to what age do you measure head circumference
    3 yo
  32. when should child start riding tricycle and using plastic ball and bat
    3 yo
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