Lesson 3

  1. Abhor
    • to hate
    • to shrink away from with disgust
  2. acute
    • sharp and severe
    • keen or sensitive
    • very serious
  3. bicker
    to argue over an unimportant matter
  4. etiguette
    that manners and behavior considered to be acceptable
  5. initiative
    the ability to see what needs to be done and take a leading role in doing it
  6. menace
    • a serious threat
    • to threaten
  7. ponder
    • to consider carefully
    • to think about deeply
  8. quaint
    strange, odd or old fashioned in a pleasing way
  9. foolhardy
    foolishly daring
  10. genial
    pleasantly cheerful and kindly
  11. imply
    to suggest or express without directly saying
  12. remorse
    deep regret and a feeling of guilt over one's wrongdoing
  13. persevere
    to keep at something even though it is difficult
  14. vague
    • not clear or definite
    • fuzzy or blurred
  15. vital
    • very important
    • absolutely necessary
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Lesson 3
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