DIT day 3

  1. moa of gliptin drugs?
    blocks dpp---increase glp 1

    glp1 analog
  2. sulfonylureas work only when?
    with a functional pancreas
  3. rx for hhnk?
    same as for dka
  4. dx of diabetic gastroparesis?
    gastric emptying time
  5. what is used for fever in thryoid storm?
    tylenol..not aspirin
  6. what is given for thyroid storm
    • bb
    • ptu
    • aspirin
    • iodine
    • fluids
  7. difference between dequervia and hashimotos thyroditis?
    dequervian is painfull
  8. which of the thyroid cancers invades capsule, blood vessels and metastetzies?
    the less common one, medullary
  9. job basedow phenonmenon?
    iodine depleted goiter + iodine---thyrotoxicosis
  10. when do you do sx for high calcium?
    if symptoamtic, renal failure, osteoporosis, age <50
  11. what phophate binder you dont use?
    calcium citrate
  12. what drug suppresses pth in renal failure?
  13. how to tell apart renal hyperthyrodism vs pseudohypoparathyrodism
    renal hyperparathyrodism has renal failure
  14. what 2 non dopamine antagonsit drugs increas prolactin
    • verapamil
    • methyldopa
  15. rx for prolactinoma in pregnancy
  16. rx for graves, prolactinoma in pregnancy?
  17. rx for black widow spider bite?
    brown recluse?
    ca gluconate

    dapson---local skin reaction

  18. when doyou admit for burns?
    2nd degreee burn and >10%
  19. what poison has almond scented breath?
    cyanide toxicity
  20. rx for cyanide toxicity?
    • thiosulfate
    • hydroxycobalamin
    • amyl nitrate
  21. rx for acidosis due to ethylene glycol?
  22. rx for stable asymptomatic v tach
  23. blood in csf without trauma?
    hsv encephalitis
  24. when do you wean off ventilator?
    • good saturation
    • hemodynamic stability
    • intact mental status
  25. presentation of pda?
    • to and fro mumru
    • bounding pulses
    • wide pulse pressure
    • loud s2
  26. rx for acute recjection when already on immunosuppressants?
    increase steroid or plasma pharesis for b cells
  27. inheritance of adrenoleukodystrophy?
    x linked

    neurodegeneration and adrenal insufficiency
  28. sx for coarctation of arot?a
    symptomatic and also hypertrophy on ekg
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