Shotgun Questions Day 8

  1. 1. When conditions require a landing with minimum maneuvering or gradual airspeed changes, what type of approach should be flown?
    A: Straight-in
  2. 2. What are some conditions that may require a straight in approach?
    A: flight control malfunctions, electrical or pitot-static problems, structural damage, open access door, unlocked canopy.
  3. 3. At what altitude are straight-ins normally flown?
    A: 500 AGL
  4. 4. Prior to what point do you want to be configured and on speed during a straight in?
    A: 2 miles
  5. 1. What is the capacity of the hydraulic system?
    A: approx 5 quarts
  6. 2. Which display contains hydraulic system information?
    A: Engine/systems/NACWS display
  7. 3. What is the range of the hydraulic pressure relief valve?
    A: 3250-3500psi
  8. 4. What is normal hydraulic pressure?
    A: 3000 +- 120 psi
  9. 5. Once the hydraulic pressure exceeds _____ the system can power its components
    A: 1800
  10. 6. What does and amber HYDR FL LO annunciator indicate?
    A: reservoir level is below approximately 1 qt.
  11. 7. When does the amber EHYD PX LO annunciator illuminate?
    A: When emergency accumulator pressure drops below 2400 +- 150 psi
  12. 8. What is the flow limit for the hydraulic fuse between the emergency and main hydraulic system?
    A: .25 GPM
  13. 9. What items are located on the Aux Battery Bus?
    A: Standby Instruments, Standby instrument lights, UHF backup, Fire 1.
  14. 10. What bus is the OBOGS on?
    A: Hot battery bus
  15. 11. How many volts does the Starter Generator produce?
    A: 28 VDC
  16. 12. With loss of the Gen (bus tie closed) what equipment will be shed immediately?
    A: Air Conditioning
  17. 1. What actions should be taken if you suspect hot brakes?
    A: Notify ground, park facing the wind in designated hot brakes area, leave the engine running until told to shut down, follow fire chief directions.
  18. 2. What is considered a safe distance after egressing the aircraft?
    A: 300 feet
  19. 3. What action should be taken if OBOGS or regulator failure is suspected?
    A: consider activating emergency oxygen cylinder.
  20. 4. If G-Loc or grey out occurs, what type of approach should be flown?
    A: Straight-in
  21. 5. Should you disconnect from oxygen equipment if a physiological mishap occurs?
    A: No
  22. -How will Electrical Failure effect landing Configuration?
    • 1. Electrical failure will not allow visual indications of flap settings on the flap indicator
    • 2. Flap settings are still possible on the hot battery bus. If the battery is completely dead then no flaps are available.
    • 3. Landing gear can be deployed by the emergency landing gear handle, which is a mechanical connection.
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