Respiratory Terminology 1

  1. Hypoxemia
    -decrease O2 in arterial blood

    PaO2 < 80 mmHg
  2. Hypercapnia
    -increase CO2 in arterial blood

    PaCO2 > 45 mmHg
  3. Hypocapnia
    -decrease CO2 in arterial blood

    PaCO2 < 35 mmHg
  4. Acidosis
    -increase acid in arterial blood

    pH < 7.35
  5. Alkalosis
    -decrease alkali (base) in arterial blood

    pH > 7.45
  6. Dyspnea
    -abnormal-difficultly breathing
  7. Tachypnea
    -rapid breathing
  8. Bradypnea
    -slow breathing
  9. Apnea
    -without breathing
  10. Hyperventilation
    -increase ventilation / excessive movement of air in/out (Respiratory Alkalosis)
  11. Hypoventilation
    -decrease ventilation
  12. ABG
    -arterial blood gas
  13. PFT
    - Pulmonary Function Test
  14. COPD
    -Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  15. Spirometry
    -the measuring of breath
  16. Hemoptysis
    -coughing up of blood or of blood-stained sputum
  17. Cyanosis
    -abnormal blue condition
  18. Hypoxia
    -decrease O2 in tissue
  19. Rales
    -an abnormal lung sound heard on auscultation
  20. Wheezing
    -whistling sound made during breathing
  21. Ronchi
    -abnormal rumbling sound heard on auscultation
  22. Pharyngitis
    -inflammation of the pharynx
  23. Rhinitis
    -inflammation of the nose
  24. Laryngitis
    -inflammation of the larynx
  25. Epiglottitis
    -inflammation of the glottis
  26. Bronchitis
    -inflammation of the bronchi
  27. Alveolitis
    -inflammation of the alveoli
  28. Bronchoscopy
    -process of viewing the bronchi
  29. Pulse oximetry
    -pulse process of measuring oxygen - pulse + hemoglobin saturation
  30. Capnograpy
    -process of recording CO2
  31. Stethoscope
    -instrument of viewing (chest) instrument to auscultate
  32. Pleurocentesis
    -removal of fluid in pleural cavity (insert needle into pleura space)
  33. Thoracocentesis
    -removal of fluid in chest
  34. Endotracheal Intubation
    -within the trachea intubation
  35. Tracheotomy
    -incision of the trachea
  36. Tracheostomy
    -new opening in the trachea
  37. AP
  38. PA
    -Pulmonary artery/posterio
  39. CPAP
    -continuous positive airway pressure
  40. CRT
    -certified respiratory therapist
  41. DOE
    -dyspnea on exertion
  42. ENT
    -ears, nose and throat
  43. SOB
    -shortness of breath
  44. RRT
    -registered respiratory therapist
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