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  1. What does the Cranial pectoral nn.innervate?
    superficial pectoral mm.
  2. What does the Suprascapular n.innervate?
    • supraspinatus m.
    • infraspinatus m.
  3. What does the Subscapular n.innervate?
  4. What does the Axillary n.innervate?
    teres major, teres minor, deltoideus, part of subscapularis
  5. What does the Thoracodorsal n.innervate?
    latissimus dorsi m.
  6. What does the Musculocutaneous n.innervate?
    coracobrachialis, biceps brachii, brachialis
  7. What does the Radial n.innervate?
    • motor to all extensor muscles of elbow, carpus and digits
    • all of triceps
    • tensor fascia antebrachii
    • anconeus
    • ECR, CDE
    • supinator
    • LDE
    • ulnaris lateralis
    • splits into superficial and deep branches
  8. What does the Median n.innervate?
    • pronator teres (Frank says dude pee Pee)
    • pronator quadratus
    • FCR, SDF, parts of DDF
    • passes through the carpal canal to supply sensation to palmar surface of front paw
  9. What does the Ulnar n.innervate?
    • FCU
    • parts of DDF
    • also passes through the lateral part of the carpal canal (sensory to palmar surface of paw with median n.)
  10. What does the Caudal pectoral nn.innervate?
    • deep pectoral
    • often combine with the lateral thoracic n. at its origin
  11. What nerve goes to the cutaneous trunci mm???
    Lateral thoracic n.
  12. What is meant by cutaneous innervation?
    There is an overlap of nerve innervation
  13. What are autonomous zones and why are they clinically useful to know?
    • When there is no nerve innervation overlap.
    • So you can tell which nerve is damaged.
  14. Which nerve gives off lateral cutaneous antebrachial n.?
    Axillary n.
  15. Which nerve gives off the gives off medial cutaneous antebrachial n.?
    Musculocutaneous n.
  16. Which nerve gives off lateral cutaneous antebrachial n.?
    Radial n.
  17. Which nerve gives off caudal cutaneous antebrachial n.?
    Ulnar n.
  18. What makes up the lateral palmar n.?
    Palmar branch of ulnar n. joins with the lateral branch of the median nerve
  19. What is the parent n. to the Medial palmar digital n.?
    Medial palmar n.
  20. Lateral palmar n. gives off a deep branch. What does this branch become?
    • Medial palmar metacarpal n.
    • Lateral Palmar metacarpal n.
  21. What is the Lumbosacral plexus?
    THe ventral branches of the lumbar and sacral spinal n.n.
  22. What does the Obturator n.innervate?
    • External obturator m.
    • pectineus m.
    • adductor m.
  23. What does the Femoral n.innervate?
    • sartorius m.
    • quadraceps m.m.
  24. What does the Saphenous n.innervate?
    • sartorius m.
    • cutaneous zone: medial thigh, stifle, leg, tarsus, and remainder of the paw
  25. What does the Pudendal n. innervate?
    Internal reproductive structures
  26. What three branches does the internal pudendal n. give off?
    • Caudal rectal n.
    • Perineal n.
    • Dorsal nerve of the penis/clitoris
  27. What does the Caudal rectal n.innervate?
    external anal sphincter
  28. What does the Perineal n.innervate?
    m.m. of penis or vestibule/vagina
  29. What innervation is the Dorsal nerve of the penis/clitoris?
    sensory to glans or vulva/clitoris
  30. What does the Caudal cutaneous femoral n.innervate?
    cutaneous zone of proximal caudal thigh
  31. What does the Caudal gluteal n.innervate?
    Superficial gluteal m.
  32. What does the Cranial gluteal n.innervate?
    • Middle and deep gluteal m.m.
    • Tensor fascia latae m.
  33. What does the Sciatic n.innervate?
    • Internal obturator m.
    • Gamelli m.
    • Quatratus femoris m.
    • Biceps femoris m.
    • Semi M m.
    • Semi T m.
  34. What cutaneous zone does the Lateral cutaneous sural n. comprise of?
    Cutaneous zone of lateral surface of crus
  35. What cutaneous zone does the Caudal cutaneous sural n. comprise of?
    Cutaneous zone of caudal surface of crus
  36. What does the Common peroneal n.innervate?
    • Cranial tibial m.
    • Peroneus longus m.
    • Long digital extensor m.
  37. Which two nerves innervate the cutaneous zone to dorsal paw?
    • Superficial peroneal n.
    • Deep peroneal n.
  38. What does the Tibial n.innervate?
    • Gastrocnemius m.
    • Superficial digital flexor m.
    • Popliteus m.
    • Deep digital flexor m.
  39. What is the Cranial branch of the lateral saphenous v. often used for clinically?
    Venipuncture and catheter placement in the dog
  40. What is the Medial saphenous v.often used for clinically?
    Venipuncture and catheter placement in the cat?
  41. What happens when the Common peroneal damaged?
    • Lateral extensor m., cutaneous distribution to lateral leg, damage results in
    • "knuckling over"
  42. Superficial peroneal the cutaneous distribution to what?
    • Lateral aspect of crus to the fetlock
    • lateral digital extensor m.
  43. Deep peroneal n. is the cutaneous distribution to what ?
    The pes
  44. What does the Deep Peroneal n. divide into?
    • Muscular branches that innervates cranial tibial m., long digital extensor m.
    • Medial dorsal metatarsal n. that is cutaneous distribution to dorsal digit
    • Lateral dorsal metatarsal n. that is cutaneous distribution to dorsal digit
  45. What is the parent n. to the Caudal cutaneous sural n?
    Tibial n.
  46. Medial plantar cutaneous distribution to what area?
    Medioplantar metatarsal
  47. What does the Lateral plantar n.innervate?
    • Interosseus m.
    • Cutaneous distribution to lateroplantar metatarsus
  48. What does the Deep branch of the Lateral Plantar n. make up?
    • Medial plantar metatarsal n.
    • Lateral plantar metatarsal n.
  49. What is the parent n. to the Lateral plantar digital n.?
    • Lateral Plantar n.
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