FOR 208 Soil Orders for FINAL

  1. Name the 12 soil orders.
    • Gelisols
    • Histosols
    • Spodosols
    • Andisols
    • Oxisols
    • Vertisols
    • Aridisols
    • Ultisols
    • Mollisols
    • Alfisols
    • Inceptisols
    • Entisols
  2. Describe Gelisols

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  3. Describe Histosols

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    Organic, wetland soils

    Differentiated based upon degree of decomposition of organic matter
  4. Describe Spodosols

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    "Formed under acid forests"

    Acid litter causes eluviation of many compounds
  5. Describe Andisols

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    Formed from volcanic ash, young soils
  6. Describe Oxisols

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    Very old, thick sola, highly weathered

    Weathered B horizon
  7. Describe Vertisols

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    Have expanding clays

    Self-churning soils due to expansion and contraction of clays
  8. Describe Aridisols

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    Arid, can be highly developed

    Due to limited leaching, accumulation of various salts
  9. Describe Ultisols

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    Brown soils formed under deciduous forest, low base saturation

    Thin, brown A horizon, must have an argillic horizon and/or a kandic horizon
  10. Describe Mollisols

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    Dark soils formed under prairies, high base saturation

    Dark A horizon, B horizon can have a variety of endopedons
  11. Describe Alfisols

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    Brown soils formed under deciduous forest, high base saturation

    Thin, brown colored A horizon, must have argillic horizon
  12. Describe Inceptisols

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    Older than Entisols

    Weak B horizon
  13. Describe Entisols

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    Young, thin sola, relatively underdeveloped soils

    Thin A horizon over parent material
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