History 17B

  1. Herbert Hoover
    31st President (1929-1933) election of 1928-Secretary of Commerce in 1920�s under Pres. Harding & Collidge- he promoted gov�t intervention under the rubric �economic modernization�-believed in the �Efficiency Mov�t�: gov & econ were inefficient & waste but could be improved by experts-Professional mining engineer & author
  2. Oligopoly
    market or industry is dominated by a small number of sellers; aware of each others actions; influence each other and themselves; strategic planning needed to know the response of others
  3. Walker Evans
    revolutionized documentary photography; pictures of the poverty-stricken rural south; had ideological implications, the aesthetic choices, and technical limitations=created a sense of realism=photography is objective
  4. Dust bowl
    1930s nickname given to the drought-stricken region during the Great Depression; first used in a dispatch by Robert Geiger an AP correspondent in Guymon
  5. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    �FDR�-32nd Pres-won election of 1932-Only Pres elected to more than two terms (elected to 4 but only served 3 full terms, dying in his 4th of cerebral hemorrhage)
  6. New Deal
    Series of economic programs passed by Congress during 1st term of FDR as a response to the great depression and focused on the 3 r�s: relief, recovery, and reform- relief for unemployed & poor; recovery of the econ to normal levels & reform of the financial sys to prevent repeat
  7. Dorothea Lang
    1895-1965 Influential American documentary photographer & photojournalist-best known for her depression era work for the FSA- pics humanized the tragic consequences of the Great Dep & profoundly influenced the development of documentary photography- best pic �migrant Mother�
  8. Farm Security Administration (FSA)
    Created in the Dept of Agriculture in 1937-New Deal program designed to assist poor farmers during the Dust Bowl & Great Dep-Roy Emerson Stryker head of special photographic section in FSA & RA from 1935-1942
  9. 1929
    Herbert Hoover inaugurated March 4 as 31st pres- October 24-29 Wall Street Crash- Hoover claims worst is in past on Dec 3
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