1. The portion of respiratory system that functions to transmit air to and from the alveoli is…
    Conduction zone
  2. The 2 nasal cavities are separated by
    Nasal septum
  3. What separates the nasal and oral cavities
    Hard palate
  4. When air encounter the mucosa that lines the cavity what happens
    Heat and moisture are transferred to incoming air
  5. What maximizes the surface area of mucosa exposed air
    Nasal conchae
  6. What are the air filled chambers surrounding the cavity
    Paranasal cavity
  7. What propels mucos into the nasal cavity through small pores
  8. Food and water share a common pathway here
    Oro- and laryngo- pharynx
  9. To prevent food and water from entering the lower respiratory passages
    The epiglottis serves as a valve to cover superior opening of the larynx
  10. Lying under the laryngeal mucosa on each side are…
    Vocal ligament
  11. What is covering the vocal ligaments
    Vocal folds or true vocal cords
  12. The production of sounds involves…
    Release of expelled air and the opening and closing of the glottis. As air is expelled the vocal folds vibrate and produce sounds
  13. What helps moves the arytenoid cartilages
    The length of vocal folds and size of glottis change with the action of muscle
  14. Vocal folds are sometimes held together to prevent the passage of air for the purpose of 
    Increasing intra-abdominal pressure
  15. The outermost covering of the lungs
    Visceral pleura
  16. The respiratory tree consists of
    Trachea, primary, secondary, and tertiary bronchi
  17. What enters the lobes of the lungs
    2 Secondary (lobar) bronchi enter the left lung and 3 enter the right lung
  18. the tertiary segmental bronchi enter…
    the bronchopulmonary segments that form functional units of the lung
  19. which cavity do the lungs sit in
    pleural cavities.
  20. The pleural cavities are surrounded in…
    Parietal pleura which lines the thoracic wall, and the visceral pleura which lines the lungs
  21. What does the mediastinum contain
    The heart in its pericardial cavity, the trachea and primary bronchi, the esophagus, the aorta and its major branches
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