Summary of the League in the 1930's

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  1. The Great Depression
    World economically and political unstable.
  2. World economic conference=failure
    Many countries went on to rearm and adopt protectionism and self-sufficiency. No possibilities of cooperation or peace.
  3. What brought tension and conflict in the 1930's?
    • Economic depression
    • Aggressive nationalism
    • Weakness of the League
    • Uneffectiveness of collective security and peace keeping role
    • Unable or unwilling to protect weaker countries when most powerful countries were at stake.
  4. Japan, Italy and Germany
    • Japan invaded Manchuria then the rest of China
    • Germany out of Disarmament conference and League
    • Germany trying to revise the Treaty of Versailles
    • Italy invades Abyssinia
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Summary of the League in the 1930's
Summary of the League in the 1930's
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