The Abyssinian Crisis

  1. Oasis town between Abyssinia and Italian forces. Invaded by Italy.
    Wal-Wal in December 1934
  2. Mussolini's vision of creating...
    A new Roman Empire
  3. Italian colonies..
    • Libya
    • Somaliland
    • Eritrea
    • Colonies in Africa
  4. Why were the Italian forces superior?
    They had modern machines and chemical of war against poorly equipped tribesmen.
  5. What did Abyssinia provide to Italy?
    An opportunity to gain immense personal prestige.
  6. When did Mussolini decide on the invasion?
    When he had failed to gain economic control with a preferential trade agreement in 1928.
  7. What did the League decide?
    The League decided eight months later that no side could be held to blame for the incident.
  8. What did the League impose?
    • Economic sanctions
    • ban on arms,imports, exports of rubber, tin and metals.
    • The League discussed whether to include ban on oil or coal.
  9. How many workers in Britain would've lost their jobs if the League would have banned coal exports in Italy?
    30 000 coal minners
  10. What did Britain and France controlled?
    The Suez Canal. If they would have closed the canal then Italy would've had to go around Africa to supply its armies.
  11. What was the Hoare-Laval plan? Who did it?
    • The Hoare-Laval plan was made by Samuel Hoare and Pierre Laval and it consisted in giving 2/3 of Abyssinia to Italy .
    • Italy refused.
  12. What happened to the Emperor of Abyssinia?
    Haile Selassie was deposed.
  13. What did the crisis show about the League?
    It showed that the League was weak. Not able to carry out effective sanctions and that Britain and France were self-interested.
  14. Italy, German and Japanese alliances.
    • Rome-Berlin Axis
    • Anti-Comintern Pact
    • Pact of Steel
    • Triple Alliance
    • Spanish Civil War
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