Radiology:Image receptor vocab

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  1. The tendency of a luminescent compound to continue to give off light after x-radiation has stopped.
  2. A transparent flexible polyester support layer of radiographic film.
  3. A lightproof excasement designed to hold x-ray film and intensifying screens in close contact.
  4. A layer of radiographic film made of geletin containing suspended silver halide crystals.
  5. The exposure range of a film that will produce acceptable densities.
    film latitude
  6. A special radiographic diagnostic method by which a "live view" of the internal anatomy is possible.
  7. Sheets of luminescent phosphor crystals bound together and mounted on cardboard or plastic base.
    intensifying screens
  8. An invisible image on the x-ray film after it is exposed to ionizing radiation or light before processing.
    latent image
  9. Film that is more sensitive toionizing radiation than to fluorescent light.
    nonscreen film
  10. An artifact of faster screens that results in density variation due to random spatial distribution of the phosphor crystals within the screen.
    quantum mottle
  11. A layer of an intensifying screen thatreflects the light from the phosphor layer toward the film.
    reflective layer
  12. Film with silver crtsals that is more sensitive to fluorescent light emitted from the intensifying screens than to ionizing radiation.
    screen film
  13. A compound of silver and bromine, chlorine, or iodine. All of which are in the halogen group of elements.
    silver halide
  14. A clear protective layer on radiographic film.
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