Dental Assistant final exam

  1. The lower right first bicuspid is what tooth #?
  2. The rubber dam clamp that is used only on anterior teeth?
    Double bow
  3. The lower centrals and laterals are teeth#?
    #23, 24, 25 & 26
  4. The tooth that touches the distal part of #20?
    medial of #19
  5. How do you protect yourself from radiation overexposure when taking x-rays?
    Leave the room
  6. A dead tooth that I requires a root canal for the following reasons?
    Traumatic blow, extensive decay, mechanical exposure or chemical irritation
  7. Useful tests to determine if a root canal is needed?
    Percussion (tapping), thermal (hot and cold) & electric pulp test
  8. Cement that is mixed slowly on a glass slab?
    zinc phosphate
  9. According to Angle's classification of occlusion, the normal jaw position (overbite, underbite& normal) are classified as?
    Class I
  10. A good liner base under amalgams to help prevent sensitivity is?
    Vitrebond, copalite, ducal ( calcium hydroxide) and glass ionomer
  11. Two instruments used to carve amalgams after its been condensed?
    Cleoid-discoid & interproximal
  12. The amalgam carrier is used for what?
    To transport the filling material to the mouth for placement.
  13. After the soft composite is placed in the cavity the next step is?
    Hardin the composite with a furring lite.
  14. Disinfection is the usual method for?
    Cleaning work surfaces
  15. In Endodontics the temporary filling material used is?
  16. Acrylic plastic temporary?
    Temp bond
  17. Metal shell temporary
  18. Permanent crown
    RMGI or zinc phosphate cement
  19. the part of the bridge missing a tooth?
  20. Form submitted to insurance company to see what is covered is called?
    Pre-estimate ( pre-determination)
  21. ADA codes are used to identify what for insurance?
    procedure the patient had
  22. Form the patient fills out describing medical conditions/ allergies?
    health history
  23. Endo instrument with barb- like fishhooks on the shaft?
  24. An Autoclave does what?
    uses steam to sterilize and heats to kill germs and usually takes 15 -30 minutes
  25. Tooth needing a root canal notes on the diagram chart how?
    marking a circle at the apex or a red line drawn through the root
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