Alter serving

  1. What is the sanctuary
    Where the Alter located
  2. What is a Nave
    Main Body of the church
  3. Sacristy
    Where the priest prepares mass
  4. Altar
    Table on which sacrifice of the mass is offered
  5. Ambo
    The standard from which the word of God is proclaimed
  6. Cantor stand
    The stand from which the canters sings
  7. credenceSurgeons rednecks table
    The table By the alter where cups bowls and water bowls and towels are kept
  8. Presidential chair
    The chair which the Priest Sits
  9. Tabernacle
    Where the body of Christ is Repost
  10. Pascal candle
    Candlelit at Easter and used for baptisms and funerals during Easter season
  11. Chalice
    The cop used for Precise blood of Christ
  12. Flagons
    The vessel that the wife is in when offered to the priest
  13. Ewer and Bason
    The bowl used for washing the Priest's Hands
  14. Eucharistic Vessels
    The cup and bowls is used for consecration
  15. Corporal
    The cloths placed on the altar on which the bowls and chalices are placed
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Alter serving
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