Dit day 1

  1. rx for barbiturate overdose?
    hco3, dialysis, charcoal
  2. ischemia to what causes facial paralysis, deafness, tinnitus, nystagmus, vertigo with intact motor?
  3. loss of pain and temp contralateral body, ipsilateral loss of pain and temp of face, and cerebellar ataxia, cause?
    • pica
    • cranial nerves, 8,9,10,11,12
  4. why would meningitis cause hyponatremia?
    any cns lesion causes siadh---hyponatremia
  5. rx for prophylaxis against n. meningitidis and h. influenza?
    • rifampin
    • ciprofloxacin
  6. how do you give amphotericin for fungal meningitis?
  7. dx of viral meningitis?
    viral antigen panel
  8. where do you culture from when you suspect poliomyelitis?
    mouth or rectum
  9. which animals are at risk for carrying rabies?
  10. what headache is caused by estrogen?
  11. ergot drugs are not given to what ppl?
    • cad
    • prinzmetal
    • pregnant patients
  12. what blood drug should be given after a first TIA?
    TIA due to a fib/?
    TIA + cad?
    Repeat TIA while on aspirin
    • aspirin
    • warfarin
    • clopidogrel
    • aggrenox
  13. what needs to be started aftera  stroke?
    • statin
    • aspirin
  14. how are pseudotumor cerebri and normal pressure hydrocephalus related?
    • their ct and Lp finding are totally reversed
    • ct is normal and lp has high pressure in ptc
    • ct shows enlarged verntricles and normal lp pressure in nph
  15. withdrawal from what meds can give seizures?
    • benzo
    • alcohol
    • anticonvulsants
  16. what seizure invovles the temporal region?
  17. drug used for prophylaxis against status epilepticus?
    drug used for acute?

  18. which drugs are associated with blood dyscrasia
    • carbamezapine
    • ethusoxamide
  19. what markers are for neural tube defects?
    • alpha feto protein
    • acetylcholinesterase
  20. spastic cerebral palsy is caused by a lesion where/?
    • pyramidal tracts
    • extrapyramidal tracts-
  21. what antibiotic causes serotonin syndrome?
  22. difference between  serotonin syndrome and nms?
    serotonin has myoclonus and is fast

    nms--has rigidity and is slow in onset
  23. what ssri causes serotoning withdrawal syndorme
  24. drugs for lithium?
    • lithium
    • olanzapine
    • carbamezapine
    • valproate
  25. rx for rapid cycler bipolar?
  26. grief or adjustement disorder has functional impairment?
  27. agoraphobia tends to accompany what disorder?
    panic disorder
  28. rx for stage fright?
  29. rx for parkinsonian symptoms?
    • anticholinergic
    • dopamine agonist
    • discontinue dopamine antagonist
  30. tardive dyskinesia affects what part of the body?
    • face
    • neck
    • trunk 
    • limbs
    • choreoathetosis
  31. adjustement disorder vs depression?
    criteria of adjustement disorder doesnt not meet for depression
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