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  1. Dicto Sympliciter
    • an argument based on an unqualified generalization
    • Ex: Exercise good. Therefore everybody should exercise.
  2. Hasty Generalization
    If you, me and Bob cannot speak French, no one in school can speak French.
  3. Post Hoc
    Let's not take Bill on our picnic. Everytime we take him out, it rains.
  4. Ad Misercordiam
    • Appealing to someone's sympathies
    • When a man was ask about his qualifications for a job, he told a sob story about his family and how he needed the job.
  5. Flase Analogy
    • Comparing two completly different situations
    • Sutdnets should be allowed to use textbooks on exams becuase doctors get to use X-rays to guide them in operations, and carpeters have blueprints to refrence.
  6. Hypothesis Contrary to Fact
    If Madame Curie never discovered radiation, we would not know about it today.
  7. Poisioning the Well
    Calling a man a liar before he speaks in a trial, so now noone can believe him.
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