History final

  1. why was president truman criticized w regard to the korean war?
    he was the one who sent the troops to korea, but america suffered heavy losses of men and money
  2. why did the cia become involved w guatemala?
    eisenhower believed guatemala had communist sympathies
  3. how did senator joseph mccarthy's investigations change when eisenhower took office?
    they got more hardcore
  4. how did the us respond to the hungarian uprising in 1956?
    the us didn't respond - the truman doctorine did not extend to satellite countries
  5. what brought the end of mccarthy's power?
    1954 - mccarthy accused the us army, so then there was a televised investigation by the senate.  mccarthy was seen bullying & lost public support
  6. what was the eisenhower doctorine?
    the us would defend any middle east co against an attack by a communist country
  7. what is the relationship between brinkmanship & john foster dulles?
    jfd wanted brinkmanship (the us using all of its force against communist)
  8. why did eisenhower appeal to voters in 1952?
    he was different from the current leadership (which was dem) he preached "modern republicanism" aka "dunamic conservatism"
  9. what kind of domestic economic policies did eisenhower support?
    homes, auto, & family
  10. did stalin's death affect the relationship between the us / soviet u?
    the tension diminished
  11. what areas of the economy experienced growth during the eisenhower years?
    consumerism rose greatly
  12. in the us, what happened in the 1950s w regard to suburban areas and population figures, white collar jobs, and savings accts?
    they all increased
  13. what was the significance of the bay of pigs invasion?
    kennedy approved it but it major fail
  14. which event marked the height of tension between the us and the soviet u during the 1960s?
    cuban missile crisis
  15. what was john f kennedy's greatest strength as pres?
    he was cool
  16. locate cuba
  17. what happened in cuba, 1962?
    cuban missile crisis
  18. locate dallas tx
  19. what happened there, nov 1963?
    jfk shot dead
  20. name one of kennedy's weaknesses as pres
    bay of pigs - he made many mistakes
  21. what were the findings of the warren commission?
    oswald shot the pres
  22. what was the relationship between the us space program and the us image abroad?
    the us space program caused competition
  23. how did kennedy's and johnson's legislative records differ?
    johnson wanted legislation reform
  24. how did the civil rights act of 1964 increase the power of the federal gov?
    it federally outlawed racism
  25. what did senator goldwater support in his 1964 campain?
    less fed gov, esp w civil rights
  26. describe the programs included in johnson's vision of the great society
    gave help to try to make everyone equal and successful
  27. oppose
  28. miranda v arizona, gideon v wainwright, and escobedo deal w
    civil rights
  29. what were the conservative criticisms of the warren court?
    it brought change - less statewide censorship, no more religion in school
  30. how were black americans made to feel like second class in the south, 1950s?
    segregation errywhere
  31. what was the effect of the supreme court decision of plessy v fergusen in 1896?
    it created separate but equal
  32. where did the bus boycott happen
    mongomery, alabama
  33. how was the sncc different from the sclc
    sncc - nonviolent (mlk jr); sclc - violent (CORE)
  34. who led the black power movement?
    stokely carmichael
  35. what happened at watts
    a major race riot that needed the nat'l guard
  36. what did malcom x first avocate
    nation of islam (later blacks should segregate)
  37. why did the us support france's return to vietnam after wwII
    the wanted to stop the spread of communism
  38. what did the tonkin gulf resolution allow lbj to do
    military power
  39. wheres cambodia
    se asia
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