PSYCH 2300

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  1. Central Tendency
    • Is a statistical measure to determine a single score that defines the center of a distribution.
    • Goal: to find a score that is best representative of a entire group
  2. Population Mean
    Image Upload 1Greek letter "mu"
  3. Mean for sample
    Is identified by M or X (read x-bar)
  4. Mean
    For a distribution is the sum of the scores divided by the number of scores
  5. Weighted Mean
    • Image Upload 2
    • Image Upload 3
    • Combining two sets of scores
  6. Median
    • If the scores in a distribution are listed in order from smallest to largest, the median is the midpoint of the list
    • Represented by the word median
  7. Mode
    In a frequency distribution, the mode is the score that has the greatest frequency
  8. Bimodal
    A distribution with two modes
  9. Multimodal
    Distribution with two or more modes
  10. Major/minor Mode
    When two modes have unequal frequencies, researchers occasionally differentiate the two values by calling the taller peak the major mode, and the shorter one the minor mode
  11. Line graph
    • Point connected with a straight line.
    • Line graph is used when the values on the horizontal axis are measured on an interval or ratio scale
  12. Symmetrical Distribution
    • Image Upload 4
    • Right hand side of the graph is a mirror image of the left side
  13. Positively skewed
    Image Upload 5
  14. Negatively Skewed
    Image Upload 6
  15. Skewed Distribution
    A distribution that is skewed either + or -
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