CRIM 2254

  1. Anonymity
    • A state in which the identity of a research subject is not known, and it is, therefore, impossible to link data about a subject to an individual's name.
    • Is one tool for addressing the ethical issue of privacy
  2. Belmont Report
    • A report that proposed three ethical principles to guide the protection of human subjects: respect for persons, beneficence, and justice.
    • Federal regulations for the protection of human subjects are based on this report
  3. Confidentiality
    A state in which researchers know the identity of a research subject but promise not to reveal any information that can be attributed to an individual subject.
  4. Ethical
    Conforming in behaviour to norms and standards embraced by a group or profession.
  5. Informed consent
    Agreement to participate in research after being informed about the research goals, procedures, and potential risks.
  6. Special Populations
    • Groups like juveniles and prisoners who require special protectors.
    • Juveniles are considered unable to grant informed consent, just as juveniles are treated differently in most areas of the law.
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