medieval architecture 1

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  1. what islamic structure did the Hagia Sophia most heavily influence?
    Mosque of Sultan Sulleyman- Constantinople(Istanbul), Turkey
  2. what were 3 applicable features to Early Christian Architecture
    • 1. Basilican churches were modeled after the roman Basilica
    • 2. the nave was often cover with simple truss roof with clearstory fenestration on the walls.
    • 3. churches were oriented to the cardinal points with the entry facing west and the apse facing east
  3. true or false
    once Christionaity became legal, did Christians initially worshiped in abundantly available Roman temples?
  4. a cross axil porch between the atrium and the nave is called the
  5. a raised platform beyond the nave within the curved apse is called the
  6. a cross axil space between the nave and the apse is called the
  7. an area where the catechumes congregated during restricted portion of the mass is called the
  8. true or false
    like the christian basilica that use columns to direct the worshiper forward towards the apse, the mosque used columns to direct the visitors towards the mihrab
  9. true or false
    the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem exhibits features typical of islamic mosque architecture
  10. true or false
    pope sixtus the III reluctant to use classical orders or the roman temple form for the churches
  11. true or false
    mosques were typically adorned with statues and intricate mosaics of muslim prophets
  12. true or false
    concerning by Byzantine architecture
    the general rule of thumb was that no visible surface of the exterior be left in a natural state, although the interior was more subdued to emphasis the structural elements
  13. Byzantine architects development of the pendentive was used to
    accommodate a circular dome to an arrangement of supports that created a square plan
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