1. Name the chemical elements which compose about 96% of all elements found in our bodies
    • a. Carbon
    • b. Hydrogen 
    • c. Oxygen 
    • d. Nitrogen
  2. Write a complete definition for Tissue
    A group of similar cells that performs a specialized function
  3. Name the four types of tissue found in our bodies
    • a. muscle 
    • b. Nerve 
    • c. Epethelial 
    • d. Connective
  4. Anabolism
    Synthesis of larger muscles from smaller ones
  5. Identify the four body systems which eliminate metabolic wastes from the body
    • a. Renal - Urinary 
    • b. Respiratory
    • c. Digestive
    • d. Integumentary
  6. Name the two body systems which control and communicate all the activities of the human body
    • a. Nervous System
    • b. Endocrine System
  7. Negative Feedback System
    A mechanism that restores a biochemical or other balance in which build up a product surpasses its synthesis
  8. Inguinal Area
    The groin region
  9. Otic Area
    The Ear
  10. Acromial Area
    The Shoulder
  11. Tarsal Area
    Bone between foot and leg
  12. Carpal Area
    The wrist
  13. Proximal
    Closer to the trunk opposite of distal
  14. Midsagittal Plane
    Plane that divides the body between Right and left halves
  15. Explain the Anatomical Position
    • a. Standing erect
    • b. face forward
    • c. upper limbs at side 
    • d. palms forward
  16. the three divisions of the thoracic cavity
    • a. right pleural cavity 
    • b. left pleural cavity 
    • c. mediastinum
  17. 2 principal cavities
    • a. Dorsal 
    • b. ventral
  18. name and explain the locations for the 9 abdominal regions (USE ANATOMICAL TERMS)
    • 1. Right Hypochondric- Right of the epigastric 
    • 2. Left Hypochondric- left of the epigastric
    • 3. Epigastric- Upper mid section 
    • 4. Right Lumbar- Right of the Umbilical 
    • 5. Left Lumbar- Left of the Umbilical 
    • 6. Umbilical- Mid section 
    • 7. Right Iliac- Right of the hypogastric 
    • 8. Left Iliac- Left of the hypogastric 
    • 9. Hypogastric- lower mid portion
  19. What nationality does "Anatomy" come from?
  20. List 8 bio-molecules in all living organisms
    • water 
    • acid 
    • base 
    • salt 
    • carbohydrates 
    • vitamins 
    • proteins 
    • minerals 
    • sugars 
    • nucleic acids 
    • lipids 
    • amino acids
  21. population
    a group of people
  22. 5 functions of all integumentary system
    • elimination of waste 
    • to make (sympathize)
    • sensation 
    • absorption
    • to secrete
    • immunity
  23. is a pH of 8 an acid or a base?
  24. Differentiation
    Cell specialization
  25. 2 substances produced by the testes
    • sperm 
    • testosterone (hormones)
  26. What three substances are produced by the ovaries
    • progesterone 
    • estrogen production 
    • ova "egg"
  27. what is homeostasis
    State of equilibrium in which the internal environment of the body remains the same
  28. Positive Feedback System
    Process by which changes cause additional similar changes, producing unstable conditions
  29. Transverse Plane
    Divides the body into upper and lower divisions
  30. Lateral Movement
    Away from the midline
  31. Which tube is located toward the anterior surface? The Esophagus or Trachea
  32. Occipital Area
    The posterior Region of the head
  33. Olecranal
    Large process on the upper end of the ulna that projects behind the elbow joint and forms the elbow
  34. Mental Area
    The chin
  35. Dorsal
    Toward the back or upper surface of an organ
  36. The Ulna Bone
    The medial surface of your brachial
  37. Caudal
    The tail end, Inferior
  38. Oblique Plane
    Divide at an angle
  39. Location of the Mediastinum
    In the middle surface of your thoracic cavity between your right and left plearal cavities
  40. What region would you find your gallbladder
  41. What region would you find your appendix
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