History of Psychology (World)

  1. First American to earn a Ph.D. in Psychology.
    G. Stanley Hall
  2. Founded the American Psychological Association (APA).
    G. Stanley Hall
  3. Founded the first experimental Psychology Lab in Leipzig, Germany.
    Wilhelm Wundt
  4. Father of Psychology.
    Wilhelm Wundt
  5. Separated Pyschology from other Sciences.
    Wilhelm Wundt
  6. Published the journal Philosophische Studien (Psychological Studies).
    Wilhelm Wundt
  7. Published Über das Gredächtnis (On Memory).
    Herman Ebbinghaus
  8. Provided therapy to patients in Vienna, Austria.
    Sigmund Freud
  9. First professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania
    James McKeen Cattell
  10. Published Mental Tests and Measurements.
    James McKeen Cattell
  11. Published Principles of Psychology.
    William James
  12. Created a technique to better understand relationships between variable in intelligence studies.
    Sir Frances Galtion
  13. Formed the first Psychology lab devoted to Psychodiagnosis.
    Alfred Binet
  14. Developed the Law of Effect.
    Edward Thorndike
  15. Published the Interpretation of Dreams.
    Sigmund Freud
  16. First woman president of the American Psychological Association (APA).
    Mary Whiton Calkins
  17. Published New Methods for the Diagnosis of the Intellectual Level of Subnormals.
    Alfred Binet
  18. Published findings on Classical Conditioning.
    Ivan Pavlov
  19. Publishes the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.
    Morton Prince
  20. Publishes The Psychology of Dementia Praecox.
    Carl Jung
  21. Published A First Book in Psychology.
    Mary Whiton Calkins
  22. Published Animal Intelligence which lead to the development of Operant Conditioning.
    Edward Thorndike
  23. Lead the development of Gestalt Psychology.
    Max Wertheimer
  24. Published Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It.
    John B. Watson
  25. Conducted the experiment Little Albert.
    John B. Watson and Rosalie Rayner
  26. Published the Moral Judgment of Children.
    Jean Piaget
  27. Published Thematic Appreception.
    Henry Murray
  28. Developed client-centered Psychology.
    Carl Rogers
  29. Developed the theory of Hierarchy of Needs, founded humanistic psychology.
    Abraham Maslow
  30. Wrote the book The Nature of Love, which was an experiment with Rhesus Monkeys.
    Harry Harlow
  31. Conducted the Bobo Doll Experiment.
    Albert Bandura
  32. Published Obedience to Authority which presented the findings of his obedience experiments.
    Stanley Milgram
  33. Published On Nature, Use and Acquisition of Language.
    Noam Chomsky
  34. Published The Language Instinct, a theory on how children acquire language.
    Steven Pinker
  35. Published The Blank Slate to argue against the concept of Tabula Rasa.
    Steven Pinker
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