Baroque & Rococo Architecture

  1. Which of the following concerning the 17th century French architecture is FALSE?
    French and Italian architecture were nearly identical in their interpretations of classicism.
  2. Match:
    Inigo Jones
    Christopher Wren
    • used all the arts to turn architecture into theater
    • used fluid forms & intricate geometry of architecture alone
    • introduced the Renaissance to England
    • established the spirit of the continental Baroque in England
  3. all of the following are correct concerning the Baroque EXCEPT
    Baroque arts and architecture did not attempt to reinforce spiritual values as Gothic did.
  4. Which of the following is FALSE when comparing the Renaissance and Baroque?
    Both the Renaissance and Baroque preferred the circular shape which represented the purity of God and the cosmos.
  5. Concerning the Piazza of St. Peter's, which of the following statements is FALSE?
    The Piazza did little to improve the hopeless pedestrian and coach congestion
  6. Which of the following concerning the influence of Renaissance and Baroque architecture is FALSE?
    Christopher Wren preferred the flamboyant Italian Baroque to the formal classicism of French Baroque.
  7. Which of the following regarding the Baroque period is FALSE
    science did not conflict with Christian doctrine to the day.
  8. Which of the following concerning Bernini and Borromini is FALSE?
    Bernini's exteriors were more extravagant than Borromini's exteriors.
  9. Which of the following concerning the Rococo style is FALSE?
    The aristocracy built larger, more formal houses indicative of the pomp and ceremony of the monarchy.
  10. Match:
    Piazza of St. Peter's
    S. Carlo alle Quattro Fontaine
    Banqueting House
    St. Paul's Cathedral
    • Bernini
    • Borromini
    • Inigo Jones
    • Christopher Wren
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Baroque & Rococo Architecture
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